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Old 2013-04-29, 14:45   Link #1
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what streamer handles 1080p anime with its new 10bit

ie like the roku, boxee and WDTV.

Looking for one to stream directly from my PC or hard drive.
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Old 2013-05-02, 15:15   Link #2
flying ^
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the current industry standard... AVC h.264 with 8 bit color

btw here's the successor to AVC h.264...
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Originally Posted by kyomagi View Post
ie like the roku, boxee and WDTV.

Looking for one to stream directly from my PC or hard drive.
Go get an Intel NUC (#) and throw MediaPortal, XBMC, or something like that on it. Sure, it's a bit more expensive, and a bit more hassle to setup, but you know it'll work with anything else fansub encoders use in the near- to mid-future. If you're still set on a small, cheap box, then you'll probably need to set-up a DLNA server on your PC that transcodes video in real-time, and streams it to your Roku/whatever box. This assumes that such a box is capable of being a DLNA client. You'll need to research this, but I guess the PS3 Media Server might be a possibility?

(#): Get the black Ethernet port edition, as the red-thunderbolt edition has overheating issues if you use an internal WiFi-card. If you need WiFi you can always get a a USB WiFi stick adapter.
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