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Old 2008-03-22, 18:28   Link #21
Claes lover
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lol, quoting hooah in OT

Mark my words

The leader of the organization from Claymore is Kitano
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Old 2008-06-28, 22:41   Link #22
Nine Devil
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Very nice manga, sigh I wish it was like 30 volumes longer :P
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Old 2008-09-20, 14:36   Link #23
time waits for no one <3
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I read this manga a few months ago and I have to say it's on my favorites of all time... really

at first, when I saw the art I was really skeptical about reading it but then... it just got sooo interesting that I became completely addicted to it and didn't stop untill I ended it

a masterpiece really
I give it 9.5/10
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Old 2008-09-20, 15:47   Link #24
Tiamat's Disciple
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It's a good manga, and you can see a lot of the character designs in Claymore as well. It's kinda creepy seeing them in Claymore to be honest

I don't think the series could have continued for to much longer beyond where it ended though. It could have gone for a few more volumes, but lets face it by then it would have just be repetitive and would start to lose it's appeal. It's better to end on a high point IMO than to keep going and drag the series down. To many others have tried that and failed because of it.
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Old 2008-10-17, 10:48   Link #25
Dango Master
*IT Support
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Ill take back my previous comment of this manga.... the first chapters were a bit boring and repetitive but from chap 20+ i coudnt stop laughing.... it is hilarious how things turn up and the reaction of new encounters with Kintaro xD

Just like the author said... this manga's greatness comes from the unique characters and how "alive" each of them are.... just imagining kitano going into the supermarket during a robery makes me lol.

There are just too many epic quotes.. like:

Spoiler for it wont be that funny if you didnt read the manga:

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Old 2008-10-19, 02:27   Link #26
Dj Pedobear
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Its the best manga ever i'll give it a 10/10 rating I like to pair ikuno and takehisa haha the best Couple ever the others well don't care -laugh-

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Old 2008-10-19, 21:57   Link #27
Dango Master
*IT Support
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Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Age: 28
Why takehisa and ikuno? They never show any affection to each other... the only thing in common between those 2 is Kitano xD
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Old 2008-10-20, 04:40   Link #28
I disagree with you all.
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Well, there was that time she wanted him to smell her armpits...
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Old 2013-05-10, 18:21   Link #29
singing heartbreak
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Man, I just marathoned this series in the last 3 days; this was a very funny manga =03. Honestly, I was kinda put-off by the Kitano's char design; I mean, at first, I thought it looked real ugly, but I got used to it over time. I was amusing how he managed to 'beat' his opponents w/o really fighting them, but the thing that stood out to me the most in the beginning was how everyone, both delinquents and classmates alike, would overexaggerate some of the things he would do, like not being knocked down as some monsterous strength, or randomly yelling about something and classmates/teachers/enemies thinking he was about to "explode", and normally 'holds it in". That carried a good half of the series, but by the time the Ikuno+father arc ended, it had subtly switched gears, focusing the comedy in a slightly different direction, all the while keeping things fresh and entertaining. The chars really stood out; esp Ikuno + Ryoko combination(non-tsundere tomboy + kuudere X03), with a dash of Takehisa and Kuroda(though his continued infatuation with Ryoko waned on my nerves by this point), and Ikuko(for that "normal" point-of-view) made for some great laughs all the way til the end. The thing I liked most about the main cast is that ALL of them are straight-forward in their approach to things; none of this pussy-footing crap and cowardice I see in many of today's animes/manga, which was really refreshing to experience...well Kuroda WAS a coward, but in a different vain than what I'm talking about.

Sad to say, all the way up til the end, I still can't remember the names of Kuroda's sidekicks(there names where only mentioned 1 time in the whole manga ).

Speaking of the end, it was great =03. I couldn't wait to see "the Kitano family" beat up a bunch of delinquents together, and it did not disappoint. To put it simply, they kicked some ass. It did end by developing pretty much all the main characters(that I liked at least), except maybe Kitano himself, but he never had any personal issues to develop anyway. Still, I wouldn't have minded seeing more; Ikuno's straight-faced teasing, Takehisa's anger issues at Ryoko/Ikuno, Kuroda making an ass of himself, and Ryoko's balance between tomboy and pseudo-girlfriend. They will be missed =03.
Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Well, there was that time she wanted him to smell her armpits...
She fights a lot, so they could have smelled sweaty, and she didn't know it or something =0p. Not to mention she only has 1 uniform.
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