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Old 2012-02-03, 00:38   Link #21
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The final arc of Naruto before Shippuden. The "Sasuke Chase arc"(don't know what it's really called) has to the most addictive series of episodes I've ever watched in my 10 years of anime viewing.

-Stellar animation throughout
-Greatest series of back-to-back fights ever
-Surprise ending
-Emotional aftermath

Nothing will ever beat it IMO. My runner-up would probably be the "Soul Society arc" in Bleach .
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Old 2012-02-03, 00:59   Link #22
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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
FullMetal Alchemist from chapter 1 to the final chapter.


Utaware is late-night anime based on adult game. Not Shounen.
Black Lagoon is seinen manga. Not shounen.

Amagami isn't classified, but it's based on a romance game, and the manga version was seinen manga that ran in Young Animal.
It could be considered different demographics, but most likely not shounen (no connection).
You're right. I think they'd technically be classified as seinen. I wasn't really thinking. My bad.
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Old 2012-02-03, 13:11   Link #23
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I don't watch many shounen anime, but one of my favorite shounen story arcs is the sequence where Sai plays Go on the Internet in Hikaru no Go.
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Old 2012-02-05, 18:56   Link #24
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Lot of really good ones were already mentioned but I'll add another one for Hikaru no Go:

The whole arc when Hikaru was trying to go Pro was what really got me into that series. And also

Spoiler for Hikaru no Go This is Definitely a spoiler:
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Old 2013-05-02, 10:38   Link #25
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best arc

Bleach: 1st arc in human world. It kicked off the series and had a lot of details that weren't in later arcs like using the soul pager to collect credit on hollows killed or the spirit threads to track people down.
But most of all the Menos Grande
it was made nearly redundant in later arcs but when it first appears the fact it needs the royal guard to kill it and the sheer power of a cero when it is first mentioned it was so cool. Then Ichigo fought the captains and it was like if they're stronger than him shouldn't they be able to take one down if he could wound one before awakening his zanpakuto?
Not that i dislike the soul society arc, not at all some of my fave fights are in that arc and bankai rocks, but the power scale really beagn to shift drastically there.
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Old 2013-05-02, 11:07   Link #26
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Gargh, if you hadn't specifically asked about anime I would've said the goddess arc in The World God Only Knows.

But since you did, my answer is:
Originally Posted by aohige View Post
FullMetal Alchemist from chapter 1 to the final chapter.
Always looking for cool people to talk anime/games with!
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Old 2013-05-09, 14:40   Link #27
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Naruto- The Chunin Exam Arc of course. Easily one of the most memorable arcs in any anime.

Bleach- I would say the Enter the Soul Reaper Arc and Rukia Retrieval Arc arcs are some of the best I've seen from a Shounen.
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Old 2013-05-09, 14:53   Link #28
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Yu Yu Hakusho - I don't really know what to call this arc. Basically the tournament with the Toguro brothers. Loads of gar moments. And that % power ups by Toguro =x
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Kyubey: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute.
Homura: Tribute? You steal girls' souls, and make them your slaves!
Kyubey: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
Homura: Your words are as empty as your soul! Lolis ill-needs a savior such as you!
Kyubey: What is a loli? A miserable little pile of moe! But enough talk...have at you!
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Old 2013-05-10, 08:24   Link #29
Lord of El Hazard
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Would Tatsunoko's "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman) be considered Shonen?

I'm also surprised no one's mentioned Fist of the North Star. The entire series is bad ass!
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Old 2013-05-12, 10:48   Link #30
oompa loompa
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Kyoto arc, Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin, in a lot of ways, was extremely childish, like when he pulls out a radish from his robe, or the fact that kaoru is so goddamn clueless. The everyday happenings in Rurouni kenshin are arguably a lot sillier than those in say, bleach or naruto. The kyoto arc, (rewatch it and see) was dark, and suddenly the show becomes very very serious. From the first fight with saito to the last fight with shishio, the arc is packed with great characters (anji, saito, soujiro, shishio, yumi). I also love the parallels between kenshin and shishio, as well as kenshin and sojiro.

Most importantly, it was as much a philosophical battle throughout as it was a battle of strength, much more than say, bleach (ichigo has got to be the most bland shounen hero ever), as well as naruto (while the philosophical question posed by naruto is interesting and has a lot to chew on, i.e. how do we stop the cycle of hatred, i didn't connect with the villains as much, especially considering the kyoto arc is only 30 odd episodes). On the other hand, both sojiro and shishio were great. shishio himself was a colossal character, remaining his evil dominating best until his end.

Next, the powerups (or powerup) was awesome and was accompanied by serious character development (both kenshins and sanosukes training). Not like bleach where, bam, random traning, ambiguous message, powerup! Apart from that we got to see a much more mature and complex side of kenshin.

Finally the lines.. some of the lines were just fantastic!

Spoiler for kenshin vs shishio:
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Old 2013-05-12, 16:58   Link #31
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One Piece - It's been mentioned a bunch of times but the Water 7/CP9 arc was indeed when One Piece was at it's best. The complexity of the plot, the amazing fights and the whole final Luchi vs Luffy battle was so emotional with usop showing his face and the merry-go's last words... It was really something. I loved the skypea arc before too it's amazing. One Piece has been downhill for me ever since, it's a shame. The story's just aren't amazing or emotional anymore.

D.Gray-man - Level 4 Arc or rather the Invasion Arc. Reading that weekly gave me such chills. The birth of the Level 4 was executed perfectly too. The way Allen came across the bodies of his fellow order, and he just looks up to see this monstrosity. D.Gray-man was my favorite manga...

Air Gear - I liked the final arc with all the final battles especially Nike vs Kazu. That was one of the most amazing fights in shounen I've witnessed.

Prince of Tennis - Seigaku vs Hyōtei That round had some amazing matches. I play tennis too so Prince of Tennis was like the coolest thing for me.

And I think a lot of Gintama's serious arcs's have been pretty damn good. Like the dark king or shadow king one (apparently called Yoshiwara in Flames arc). Shinsengumi Crisis Arc, Kabukichou Four Devas Arc etc...
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Old 2013-05-12, 17:26   Link #32
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DBZ - Android arc (18 is hot ) and Cell arc (SSJ2 Gohan is awesome )

Fairy tail - Grand magic tournament arc (Awesome fanservices and loads of magic)

Naruto - Chuunin exam arc (love the survival aspect and plot twist) and Akatsuki arc (Akatsuki's members are cool)

Bleach - Rukia rescue arc (only true growth for Ichigo) and Arrancar arc (up until #4 is defeated)
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