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Originally Posted by Monster0 View Post
I'm waiting to see Hashirama prove me wrong though,he really hasn't been able to do much so far.
yea not much... he only defeated madara wielding a susano'o wrapped kyuubi
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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
I didnt make that up. In certain ways some individuals are allowed to be called the strongest of best. Especially when we talk about just a few individuals.

This was unfortunatly for you also supported by other respected members here.
Beside the argument to "authority" that I can't caution I merely corrected a factual statement in Essenar's post but I wouldn't say that I agree with your point. Sure Tsunade is physically the strongest out of the five but it's about as important as saying Nidame is probably the strongest at Suiton jutsu. It's a question style and not of substance.

A more interesting view I think would be the fact that regardless of sheer power there are things that each of them might be more suited to do. For example while Tsunade might be the least of them in term of fighting prowess she was probably the best choice to save as many people as possible when Pain destroyed Konoha thanks to her astounding healing ability. Similarly Minato was the best choice to save the Alliance from the last Juubidama because of his incredible S/T skill while Hashirama and his unsurpassed power made him more than a match against any Bijuu.
It's more difficult to say something about Nidaime and Sandaime because they're the one we've seen least or whose fight is seriously outdated but with Nidaime being an Hiraishin and Edo-Tensei user there is little doubt that he could be the best asset in the right situation.
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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
yea not much... he only defeated madara wielding a susano'o wrapped kyuubi
My point exactly, Madara had all that brawn but was beat with brains.

P.S. He hasn't done much in the recent events,i can't wait to see him really fight now along side the others.
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