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Old 2013-06-13, 10:08   Link #1
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Good Romance show

Looking for a decent romance show in which the main couple is already together at the start of the show, and the story moves on from there. so None of the "will they won't they stuff" that many writers try to tease with, if there is a couple forming, it forms quickly and tells the story from there. So that means no Chihayafuru. . .that's the opposite of what I want(as it's obvious that the writer couldn't write a good romance story if it punched her in the stomach).
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Old 2013-06-13, 18:44   Link #2
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Try REC.

Oh, and you do realize Chihayafuru is not a romance, right? It's a story about karuta and friendships.
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Old 2013-06-15, 06:46   Link #3
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I'd suggest Bakemonogatari assuming a super natural romance series is ok. (Note it forms quickly isn't a couple from ep 1).

And maybe Clannad as Clannad After Story is more or less about them being together.
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