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Manga/anime or year , doesn't really matter.

Ecchi is not a must but would be good , would prefer to avoid Comedy but it's alright though.

Thanks in advance!
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I cannot think of many seinen shows that are both serious and ecchi. There are some stories about voluptuous secret agents with that combination like Najica Blitz Tactics, Agent Aika, and 009-1. The "girls-with-guns" trilogy from Bee Train, Madlax, Noir, and El Cazador de la Bruja, might count though I don't think of them as particularly ecchi. I don't know if Steel Angel Kurumi is classified as seinen, but that might qualify as well. If you don't mind women with breasts the size of bowling balls, you could watch Divergence Eve and its spinoff Misaki Chronicles. All of these shows were released prior to 2010.

Among more modern shows Strike Witches might be possibility I guess, though I have not watched it myself. The Sky Girls OVA is a bit more ecchi than the TV series. Mostly the girls appear in skin-tight "plug-suits" reminiscent of Evangelion. You should also look at last year's Lupin III/Mine Fujiko whose female protagonist often appears clothed with little other than a belt or some other strategically-located object.

Dance in the Vampire Bund has its ecchi moments as well if you don't mind the main character, Mina Tepes, looking like she's twelve though she is really a hundreds-year-old vampire princess. The lolicon aspects of the show led to Funimation censoring the "lotion" scene in an early episode. Dance is directed by Shinbo Akiyuki, who also made Bakemonogatari and Madoka which I see rated highly on your list.

You should probably look to fansubs for most of these if you want to watch them without any censoring. Many of the older shows were licensed by the former ADV and can be found at, though you'll have to deal with English dubbing and commercials unless you subscribe.
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