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Closed Thread
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Old 2013-06-30, 14:19   Link #41
minority spirit(?)
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I'm expecting to get two more extra episodes.
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Old 2013-06-30, 14:22   Link #42
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Originally Posted by ghost013 View Post
CCCHHHAAAMMMBBBEEEERRRR!!! Anyways, does anyone think we'll ever get a second season or is this is?
We have a clear conclusion to the story.
The sequel could be either a boring(even more) slice of life or Aliance coming and getting all their bases
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Old 2013-06-30, 14:36   Link #43
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: forever lost inside a logic error
So well this episode taken by itself was really awesome, the battle of the two machine calibers in the cloudy sky was really astonishing. Still it really went for a pretty clicheed route.

Sure now it's easy to say that it was predictable, oh I'm not denying that there were some who predicted this ending with a 90% accuracy, but the predictions that turned out to be completely wrong are a lot more.

I think the opinions were split among those who were expecting some kind of dark twist or a shocking revelation and those who simply foresaw a classical ending, the latter turned out to be right.

Regarding Striker and Chamber and their decisions unveiled in this episode I can only conclude that the machine calibers should come with a warranty: "attention prolonged exposure to human behaviors can lead to severe malfunctions".

Both of them albeit in different ways ended up acting against their programming. Striker following the deranged plan of the late Kugel ended developing a god-like complex, Chamber ended up becoming Ledo's mom, giving up his own life in order to let Ledo develop into an independent adult.

Honestly it is pretty easy to see Striker and Chamber as respectively the tyrannical mother model and the supportive mother model.

The first approaches the nurturing of humans by treating them like children and making every decisions in their place, keeping them in a situation of total dependence. The second believes that his role is to support humans as they grow and then let them decide the path to take even if he himself do not understand it, eventually stepping aside once his role has ended.

When Urobuchi said that this was about the coming of age of the MC he was serious indeed, but this ended up more about the "mothers" of this boy rather than the boy itself.

My only complaint is that... well there was a lot of stuff that seemed to be important and in the end it wasn't.

The whole battle between the Hideauze and the GA just remains in the background, like I pointed out back in EP12, Ledo lives happily thereafter while, supposedly, there is still a fierce war going on in the galaxy, am I supposed to just think, well whatever?

The revelation of the Hideauze being humans then was nothing more than interesting sidetracking from the main focus of the series, because in the end the subject was dropped as easily as holo-kugel stating "former humans" and the case was just settled like that.

The whalesquids as well only served as sacrificial victims to make Ledo feel guilty but nothing more than that, I don't even know why anyone should bother about them at the end of the story. It is suggested that it is possible to communicate with them so perhaps they are a little above the animal level, but still, what's their purpose and why do they seem to like lost technology so much?

There's a few things that was left completely unexplained or is simply ridiculous to accept as it is. Bevel's final explanation just doesn't make sense... how exactly sinking the land under water helped with solving the problem with the sun? But in the first place how could they even sink all the land under water? That's just mindboggling!

Also the fact that both Striker and Chamber ended up on planet Earth is simply ridiculous if it was just mere chance. The space is huge, the chances for reaching a planet, any planet, after a random spacial dislocation through a wormhole are so abysmal that they aren't even worth being considered. Imagine the chances to reach Earth of all the planet then!
It would have been made more sense if they said that the wormhole gate in orbit around the earth is still there and somehow it got connected with the one from the Lamorack. And perhaps that's exactly what happened, but nobody said that.

About the chara contest then... I was... quite disappointed. I expected a bit more than a still group image. You know they could have just choose one and animate him/her even for a bit. That's not even funny.

Anyway well... I guess I can still say that this series was masterfully executed with a pretty good soundtrack and good direction, and surprisingly what I find lacking is the story structure itself. It kinda lacked direction I think, and this reinforces my idea that Urobuchi was only partially involved. The major plot basically pops up unexpectedly on the last three episodes.

I guess I'm going to give it a 8/10

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Old 2013-06-30, 14:37   Link #44
Gravitas Free Zone
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
The Orbital Mass Driver Cannon that they happen to have lying around: I'm quite amused at how the water-sprinkler function turned out to not be a postapocalyptic add-on, but was built into it to start...

To that end... so there's a way to get something into orbit, or at least some distance closer to. It would be conceivable that in the future they would recover enough technology to cobble together a satellite, maybe see if the wormhole gate is still around, etc.

Though they'd need some means of dealing with the launch acceleration before putting any people up there... it does not seem like the people of earth figured out gravity control before they left the planet. The Machine Caliber would also be a choice, if they can get it working again.
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Old 2013-06-30, 14:40   Link #45
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Originally Posted by stormy001_M1A2 View Post
My speculation is the golden key is some kinda access to an orbital launch device similar to historical video when the Evolved nation is sending crafts to space so Striker and Chamber will self destruct in space. Those 2 advanced war machines should have tremendous energy source as propulsion and if even one of them exploded on Earth, it would be equalivent to multiple current modern nuclear rounds in terms of sheer destruction.

Nice ending: Ledo/Red decides to stay on Gargantia and becomes intimate with Amy after Chamber ejected him out of the cockpit to fulfill its last mission in protecting the pilot while it hugged Striker to the orbit for self destruct sequence

Bad ending: In last ditch effort to defeat the rogue war machine, Ledo/Red with his mecha hugged Striker, shoots into orbit and self destruct - a noble self sacrifice.

Crazy ending: GA or Space Hideauze appears in the orbit.
Looks like my speculation is half correct. LOL.

Love this ep. But I wonder what is the last montage means. Sequel? Or just a hint?

Ah well, thank you, Gargantia.

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Old 2013-06-30, 14:58   Link #46
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Mah bro...mah nigga Chamber...I will miss you dearly.

So it's a predictable (but very well executed end) with best Gargantia dying and every other mediocre character besides Ledo living.

I feel the show as a whole wanted to do so many things in only 12 episodes, which led to a whole bunch of themes being espoused with a lack of development for Ridget, Amy, and a few others. Also a bunch of little things scratching at the back of my mind regarding the GA/Hideauze war and the rest of Earth.

Oh well.
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Old 2013-06-30, 15:22   Link #47
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by konart View Post
We have a clear conclusion to the story.
The sequel could be either a boring(even more) slice of life or Aliance coming and getting all their bases
Or it could be a spin-off focusing more on the war between the Galactic Alliance and the Hideauze.

This ending was a lot more optimistic than I expected, but it sure was a great one. Chamber's responses to Striker were really amusing, representing the possibility that just because a AI has intelligence and developed its' own personality, doesn't mean it will go auto-Kill/Rule-All-Humans as many stories have told before.

Sure Striker did, but going by the same logic, Chamber also came up with his own conclusions. In fact, the reveal about the Hidueaze may have shaped his conclusions as well in my opinion; the Hideauze gave up their intelligence for their adaptive forms; for humans to give up their right to choose and decide, they may as well become Hidueaze themselves.

Then again, in the end, you could say Chamber just completely threw away the rules and logic Machine-Calibers or any "programed" AIs were supposed to follow, like Striker noted, and became a truly sentient individual/life-form ("Go to hell, tin can!").

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Old 2013-06-30, 15:55   Link #48
Join Date: Jan 2007
A nice mostly happy ending. I expected Chamber to not make it, so not really surprised at that. Still, his last words were awesome. Also, his reamains becoming a whalesquid nest is a nice touch.
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Old 2013-06-30, 16:23   Link #49
Senior Member
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Location: California
The ending was rather predictable but it was still enjoyable, nonetheless. Even though I had a feeling Chambers would sacrifice himself so that Ledo would live that scene still struck a cord in me, and I just hope Ledo has named his new pet flying squirrel after his former AI companion. I'm also surprised that I liked where they ended with Amy and Ledo's relationship. I'm usually quite a shippy person, but in this case I liked the fact that they didn't rush into each others arms or something after the climactic battle. I don't think Amy and Ledo's relationship was ever meant to be a passionate love-at-first-sight kind of relationship; it's more of a friendship that slowly evolved to become love. And the turn of friendship to romantic love is already starting, it should take a little bit more time for it to mature, and I like how the show gives us that open-endedness.

All in all, while Gargantia had its pitfalls (i.e. episodes 5 & 6) it was a nice uplifting story, and definitely fits the theme that Urobuchi wanted to show, about young people finding their own path in life. There's still a lot of material left to be explored (least we forget, the war between the GA and the Hideaze are still on-going somewhere in the universe) and while I don't think a sequel will be made (though one never knows...), there's certainly a lot of good fodder for fans to explore.
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Old 2013-06-30, 16:30   Link #50
Kiririn's minion
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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Honestly it is pretty easy to see Striker and Chamber as respectively the tyrannical mother model and the supportive mother model.
Correction, my guess is that Chamber represents a father, because of his male voicing. Also the explanation of a supportive mother model seems to me illogical.

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
The whole battle between the Hideauze and the GA just remains in the background, like I pointed out back in EP12, Ledo lives happily thereafter while, supposedly, there is still a fierce war going on in the galaxy, am I supposed to just think, well whatever?
That's just simple. If you had realized that everything you've done so far was for nothing, would you still care about it?

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
There's a few things that was left completely unexplained or is simply ridiculous to accept as it is. Bevel's final explanation just doesn't make sense... how exactly sinking the land under water helped with solving the problem with the sun? But in the first place how could they even sink all the land under water? That's just mindboggling!
He said: "It has lost its height". So that meens, it was much higher and they could send some spaceships with a nuclear weapon to reignite the sun just like in the "Sunshine". The polar ice melted and flooded the land completely. So they used the Gargantia like the Ark.
CHAMBER: Response to final warning: Go to Hell, Tin Can!
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Old 2013-06-30, 16:39   Link #51
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Cliché, predictable... I don't care. The execution of this episode was freaking awesome. The battle between the two machine calibers was intense and Chamber proved himself to be the best character in the series. As expected of a mech voiced by Sugita. He might even have become my favorite anime A.I. That's how much I loved him. He grew just as much as Ledo over the course of the series and probably became more human than the humans remaining in space.

Glad Ledo got a happy ending (never doubted it). This was first and foremost his story. The whole stuff about GA and Hideauze was mostly inconsequential to the plot itself, although it was important for Ledo's character. I'm sure a lot of people wish they would have expanded on it (and I do as well on some level) but it simply wasn't the point of the story. It's a simple coming of age story with a fancy sci-fi package.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2013-06-30, 16:44   Link #52
Senior Member
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Amazing climax.

The kind of really mellow slice of life that people were complaining about, I think made the conclusion all the more potent.

Chamber is such a great friend. If an AI Pilot Support Interface can be considered one.
Just loved his 'conversations' with Ledo and how he developed.

I think the series would have been good with maybe 3-4 more episodes though, mainly just building up the character relationships.
Mainly things like Pinion x Rack and such, since for some reason they ended up pairing up rather strongly.
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:03   Link #53
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I guess we now know why for the first time we had true functional AI in an anime :3.
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:10   Link #54
Senior Member
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I really liked the ending to this! While it could have been better, that would have entailed being a longer series than 13eps with 3OVA's. Biggest surprise was the sprinkler system turning out to really be a cooling unit for a Mass Driver! It was a totally plausible twist that I really didn't think about until it was used. The ending dialog did have some problems, IMO, because as several of us have pointed out before, melting the ice caps wouldn't flood all the land on the planet. While Bebel says they also sunk the land, that doesn't make total sense to me but I think Bebel was also hinting at the fact they may not really know all the details of what happened at this point, thus the decision by Gargantia to start gathering up artifacts of all types. If they can re-learn the history they lost they may find out more about just what really happened. Also, that map we saw mid series showed what look to be land - exploring that issue might be a way to do another series, if they so desired. However, I think the show was meant to have this has a real ending. It's a good place to leave the story of Ledo at but they do leave open the possibility of revisiting the universe in the future.

Now to my saddest moment in the show - the loss of Chamber I think he's moved to the top of the list of favorite Mecha/AI's. I knew the moment Chamber admitted that the AI interfaces had a programing flaw (more of a problem with the AI's gaining semi-sentence) he wasn't going to make it out alive ;-( He was as much a lead character in the series as Ledo and that's a rarity for a Mecha show. Along with his final words, I found the entire discussion right before that where Striker called him out on his not following his programming ironic. I wanted him to say "like you are, b*t*h?!" (I think Striker went somewhere Kugel wouldn't have gone with his plans long term but we'll never know where exactly Kugel was going) but "Go to Hell, tin can" was just as good
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:10   Link #55
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Okay in general I am satisfied with this ending.

I think the final moments with Chamber and Ledo were just lovely. This was the best relationship of the series by far. And they were the only two characters I ended up caring about. I also don't care if Chamber was just a robot, his death hit me hard.....

Still I am happy Ledo learned to find someone he cares for in Amy. I think their relationship could have used more development, but it was sweet all the same (would have been nice to see them at least holding hands in the end though).

Moreover I kind of like that they are trying to live peacefully with the whale squid and better come to understand them. This is the type of sci-fi I like.

It's going to be hard for me to judge this series overall because I still think the middle episodes were awful but at least I can say I left this series with a good feeling.
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:25   Link #56
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I heard there will be two OVAs, is that true?

Anyway... I liked how the ending played out. A (bitter-)sweet ending. BUT.... for me at least it felt too rushed.
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:39   Link #57
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Chamber!!!! and those final words!! He's been hanging around Pinion for too long! And I'm so happy everyone got a happy ending! This episode is 9/10 for me and overall 8/10
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Old 2013-06-30, 17:46   Link #58
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Good ending to a good series. The ending was a bit cliché, but the execution was great. There was some nice action, Pinion got his harem, Chamber got his GAR moment and Ledo got his happy end.

I agree that the story was all about Ledo finding his own path in life. He started out as a mindless soldier, but he finally decided to think for himself after learning about the past and because of his interactions with the humans on earth. It was a nice touch that Chamber, a machine calibers made for war, gave Ledo his permission/blessing to do whatever he wants to do.

I have to say that the ending was really open-ended. It might be better to say that there are still many questions to be answered:
  • There's still the war between the GA and the Hideauze. Is it still going on? Will earth, their home planet, be involved at some point? Did Ledo unintentionally travel to the past or future when he came to earth?
  • Then there's the wormhole the GA and the Hideauze used. Is it still intact?
  • Then there's Chamber. It seems like Chamber's machine caliber sunk to the bottom of the sea after the Striker exploded. It looks damaged, but not unfixable. The Hideauze seem to have made a nest out of him though. Ledo still has Chamber's 'key' with him too.
  • Then there are the earth's Hideauze. There still seem to be some of their 'originals' around, like the one who was with Chamber's machine caliber in the end. What are they up to? Why are they attracted to the lost technology? Ledo hinted towards future communication with them, so the humans might find out in the future. Maybe they are searching for a way to reconnect the wormhole, so that the space Hideauze can return?
  • Then there's the mystery of the people on earth surviving. Bebel's explanation was kind of short. How did they manage to 'revive' the sun? And why did the the land sink under the sea because of this? Did they use some kind of 'lost technology' to do it, which in turn destroyed the earth's climate or something?
There are still so many questions left to be answered, so I wonder if there'll be a season 2 at some point. I'm not expecting any of these questions to be answered in the upcoming OVA to be honest. There are certainly many possibilities to continue this story because of these unanswered questions. This ending works too though, since it gives off a feeling of hope.

Anyways, even though I liked the show, I'll give it a 7/10 because of some mediocre episodes in the middle, the many remaining questions and because there were some characters who just didn't get enough development in my opinion.
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Old 2013-06-30, 18:45   Link #59
Guess what time it is?
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I was going to say that this was a predictable conclusion, but the reason it was for me was because of Urobuchi's early comments about the nature of the series (taking your first steps into a new world) so I never considered anything to be an existential threat to Ledo himself. What kind of message would that be about growing up if the experience killed him?

Ledo's decision (and by extension, Chamber's) cuts to the heart of what the series has been about from the beginning: In episode 1, he asks "How long has it been since I felt fear?" It's not really death that scares him, because he's made peace with that possibility. As his conversations with Bevel and Chamber make clear, it's the prospect of having to live and make his own way that remains difficult for him.

Anyway, I'll happily call this episode a 9, though I don't think I can rate the series as a whole quite that high. Still, when Gargantia's good, it's REALLY good. I suspect from Bevel's talk at the end about how there are still questions as to how the Earthlings got to where they are now that the bonus episodes will probably touch on those mysteries. Perhaps there's something in the data Ledo scavenges at the end that will lead into a little bonus arc.

Finally, I totally ship Grace x ... other rodent. Let's call him "Grayson" to keep it clear.
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Old 2013-06-30, 19:02   Link #60
Payback is a b*t#8, huh?
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Ahh.. I hate the Amy X Ledo crap == Who will Bellows be with now? The blue haired general at the end? *Wish they flushed out his character.
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