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Old 2006-06-29, 21:44   Link #1
Muir Woods
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I think this is a big enough game to warrant a thread here in Animesuki. From the same developer that brought us Farcry, Crytek's next first person shooter in the making is Crysis. A brief synopsis of the plot: An asteroid crashes onto an island of many called Spratly Islands. The Korean government decides contain and investigate the meteorite, but the United States also sends forces to the crash site. Needless to say, conflicts occur. But the asteroid also carried extraterrestrial lifeforms, whom are unfortunately not so nice. The Koreans and US are then forced to unite to fight off this greater threat.

Admittedly, the story is uninspired, but that is not what the buzz around Crysis is about. It boasts the next generation of graphics, and takes another large step towards photorealism. Suffice to say, the game looks gorgeous. View the trailers here. I should give a pre-emptive defense of the game. Some criticize that Crysis is nothing more than a tech demo. While that statement may be true to some extent, but such is the consequence of technological advancement. If Crytek doesn't take advantage of progression, then someone else will. At the least the game will serve as an indication to other developers or people of what video games are capable of, and what level of immersion they can now offer. If it manages to be an entertaining game in the process, all the better.

One of the more prominant titles on my radar, I shall be buying this game as soon as possible (tentative release date in UK is on March 20th 2007). It's tough being a FPS fan, as its graphically demanding games often forces one to upgrade (in recent memory, I had to get another stick of 512MB DDR-400 RAM for F.E.A.R., and a 6600GT for Battlefield 2), and Crysis is definitely no exception. I'm squeezing every last ounce of performance out of my desktop computer by overclocking to its limits, but even then, I can probably only run Crysis in mininum detail on this 3+ year old rig. I won't be satisfied with that. My desktop computer is obsolete, so I am planning to self build a brand new one, but I'm just waiting for Intel's new Core 2 (Conroe) processors (I've been following its trail for a while, and preliminary testing and results have been consistently overwhelming in its favor) to be released to consumers and stablized before I make my purchases, hopefully, sometime by the end of this year.

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Old 2006-06-29, 21:51   Link #2
The Lone Gamer
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Though I know the only reason this game is big is becuase of the EXTREMELY AMAZEING GRAPHICS ! other than that I see no more than an average FPS...
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Old 2006-06-29, 22:38   Link #3
Bishoujo sweet!
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Originally Posted by mxg
Though I know the only reason this game is big is becuase of the EXTREMELY AMAZEING GRAPHICS ! other than that I see no more than an average FPS...

Isnt that the case all the time! "Oh shit Halo 3 looks awsome its going to be the best FPS ever"

Stalker had quite the enovation and its going to have a great story line so i've been told, but considering how often its being pushed back (ala Duke Forever) there is just no hope for it.

Now Prey on the other hand is looking like quite the title and its finaly coming out in a month or so after nearly 10 years in production, which I dont think it turned out like the original project was set out to be. But at least they have a product now and from playing the demo it was quite fun.

Crysis looks like quite the graphical peice I must say, but its not going to be fun if it runs like a hog and it wont look good for Crytek if it gets pushed back either.

FPS arent that much different from one another now days apart from graphics and story line, so if people want new enovations I sugest you look some where else cause we wont see anymore after the Jump from Doom 2 to Descent. And its been 11 years or so since then.
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Old 2006-06-30, 23:03   Link #4
Muir Woods
Disheartened and Retired
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Location: 加拿大
Age: 31
The August PCGamer magazine issue just arrived in my mail today. The editor-in-chief, Greg Vederman (aka, The Vede, who primarily prefers the roleplaying genre) is one of the rare and lucky few who managed to play Crysis during E3. Here's his account:
Spoiler for Scan of the page:

Hmm, the release date from PCGamer says Q4 2006. I wonder if that's for State-side, since I subscribe to the US version of PCGamer. I obtained the UK release date I mentioned above from here.

EDIT: More updates are also in that site.

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Old 2007-01-29, 16:43   Link #5
Exitus Acta Probat
*Graphic Designer
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New trailer from IGN available - showing not only the first arc (battle against the North Koreans in the Spratley Islands) but also the first *official* footage showing engagements against those alien robots, in the second arc (btw, the third arc should be inside the space vessel itself - the aliens' true appearance is still a closely kept secret).
-- (hosted by InCrysis - Guide to the Game)

Footage includes:
- Display of the weapons' modularity (ability to add silencers/scopes/flashlights/grenade launchers while playing), which easily bends to the player's tastes, needs, strategies and whims. You also can customize rifles and shotguns taken from the enemy.
- Ability to change the nano-combat suit's exoskeleton to three modes (strength, speed and resistance). Strength mode is reminiscent of Far Cry Predator (punch people far away from you, jump inconceivably high, etc), while Speed allows you 'short' speed bursts for quick escapes or get close to your enemies real fast, and Resistance/Stamina is to reduce damage.
- Ability to grab soldiers by the throat and toss them thirty to fifty feet away, topple cars, bust roofs to break in, jump from roof to roof, etc.
- Extraordinary graphics, motion blur effects while moving around, soft shadows, destructible environment (certain buildings and the fauna can be destroyed/damaged) and extensive interactivity.
- Ability to use vehicles (from tanks to jeeps) and weapons (fixed machine guns, guns dropped by dead soldiers) sitting around.
- Combat against helicopters (I've seen CES videos showing people fighting against a helo...the enemy AI is particularly hard to beat, believe me), patrol boats and vehicles.
- Combat against aliens. That giant mech you see in the trailer is reportedly only the SECOND largest alien robot in the game. They're only remote-controlled. Also, the aliens' true appearance has not been revealed yet...and will most likely be when the game will be released for sale. Allegedly, the 'third arc' (battle inside the alien space ship) will also include zero-gravity battles. O_O

This game owns, period. Seriously. But the requirements are...pretty high.
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Old 2007-01-30, 00:35   Link #6
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I could care less about the graphics, actually.

To me, it's all about the interactivity. The fact that you can literally chop down entire forests with a minigun is just beyond amazing to me. I'm assuming the game supports a physics card, but with a really tricked out computer this game will simply be astounding.
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Old 2007-02-01, 12:31   Link #7
Demon-Fox Inside©
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Well except for the good graphical side the game itself is something like all the others, nothing more or less. The only things that's one noticeable point is the bio-armor that you can use to use enormous speed en strength but other than that it's that nothing good.... expect that the game will be reasonble when you don't count the above mentioned.
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Old 2013-07-05, 01:41   Link #8
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I know this is kind of Necroposting, but I didn't think it was necessary to make another Crysis post since this (and another one) had already existed. Back at 2007 I tried out the Crysis Demo and while I thought it was a solid game it ran rather slow on my newly upgraded PC. So I decided to hold off on picking it up until I upgraded my PC yet again sometime in the future.....which was a few months back this year. So with my new Core i7 and Geforce 670 GTX I decided to try out the demo once again. The game ran better but I noticed the frames would drop when I engaged in combat. But I had to keep in mind that the demo was "Unoptimized".

A few days ago I decided to buy Crysis Warhead off of Steam. It may seem strange to skip out on Crysis in favor of Warhead, but based off of people's impressions the Game Engine was better optimized and it had better gameplay over Crysis. So after downloading it and going through it, I decided to give my thoughts on Warhead. Fist off, even though Crytech claims that the engine is better optimized in Warhead the framerate tends to suffer on outdoor jungle levels. Even when I had placed most effects on Medium and leaving Graphics & Models on High detail and switching off Direct X10 in favor of 9 (and having the resolution on 1024x768) the framerate still struggles to stay above 60 (especially during heavy combat) in the first 2 and last 2 levels. I think it's because the engine isn't properly optimized. I mean, Crysis 2 and 3 look just as good and they run better. The latest source engine game that was used in Portal 2 and Counterstrike GO look almost as good but run much smoother. Even Battlefield 3, which looks as good (IMHO) runs much smoother. Gunplay and gameplay don't quite feel as smooth an satisfying as Crysis 2 and 3, though the AI is still quite solid. Psycho dual wielding two sub-machine guns feels pretty awesome and is quite powerful in close range engagements. Fighting the Ceph felt more annoying than fun, and I can see why Crytech decided to make the Ceph more humanoid in the sequels. I also came across an odd bug where I would die randomly from time to time. Very annoying bug. Also, the story feels so dull and soulless. And the dialogue, wow was it cringe worthy. I don't even think Crytech thought the story and characters though when they did Crysis and Warhead. But as people (including myself) speculated Crysis and Warhead wee really made to showcase the engine, the story and gameplay felt like an afterthought.

All in all, Crysis Warhead isn't bad and it'd a bit better than Crysis but it's also not hard to see why Crysis and Warhead didn't sell as well as Crytech had hoped. Crysis 2 was better and Crysis 3 I felt Crytech finally had hit the nail on the head. A pity they're planning on abandoning the Crysis series in favor of focusing on Free to Play titles.
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