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Old 2013-07-02, 11:26   Link #141
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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
I'm just glad it actually ended. A lot of anime's nowadays have open-ended endings that make for giant sequel baits. Here everything's tied up except for that signal that'll reach in 6000 years. But hey, ten bucks says the Alliance is spacedust by then.
And when the alliance is space dust and the hideauze continue their "galaxy domination plan" at some point they will stumble upon their "planet of origins" and will probably think that the Gargantians are the remnants of the GA...
But right now it seems that that will only happen in a couple of hundreds or even thousand years, so let's focus on something that is more recent:

Ledo's and Amy's relationship... it was built up a lot, but the end result was a bit......... weak?
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Old 2013-07-02, 11:43   Link #142
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Aww, Urobuchi made us to like Chamber only to kill him later in the end ;_;

Originally Posted by Marina2 View Post
She ends up in Pinion's harem.
Lies, Pinion loves his treasure hunting.
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Old 2013-07-02, 12:01   Link #143
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I did like the finale. Chamber is one of the best characters of the song and my favorite mecha.
I hoped for a somewhat predictable ending without any sort of sudden Urobutcher plotwist so I was glad with the way it ended.
About Amy and Ledo, he did say that he wants to stay with and we've been shown Amy has feelings for Ledo so even if we didn't manage to see any type of romantic display I'm sure they will hook up.

A very entertaining anime with very interesting concepts that I would love to have seen them more expanded but at least I wasn't as dissatisfied as with Psycho-Pass
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Old 2013-07-02, 12:04   Link #144
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Who did Ledo think of when Chamber asked him if he was prepared to die?

Ledo thought of Amy, and Ledo started crying then. I think it's pretty clear that he's very attached to Amy, and that they're likely to have a full-fledged romance at some point.
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Old 2013-07-02, 12:50   Link #145
Payback is a b*t#8, huh?
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In my mind. Bellows X Ledo foreva
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Old 2013-07-02, 17:26   Link #146
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Old 2013-07-02, 17:31   Link #147
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Originally Posted by zztop View Post

A couple of the characters in this scene rather well animated more than usual is there a meaning behind this?
I'm thinking that there'd be a sequel... I am thinking, I'm thinking, just thinking.... can't get over the shows beautiful ending.

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Old 2013-07-04, 23:16   Link #148
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This ended a lot better than it should have, to be perfectly honest. They did manage to cram everything into 26 minutes though and it worked out okay. Dat Gen Butch writing magic, I guess. In the end it was a fun little series with some nice characters, though everyone was underused and everything was rushed to fit it into 1 cour. This show could have been epic with a 26 episodes run, even though the overarching story ended up being rather flimsy. God knows they've dragged out much worse mecha shows than this one for longer than 13 episodes!

Well, I guess we have the extra episodes being included with the Blu-ray releases to look forward to at least.
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Old 2013-07-05, 10:11   Link #149
Cosmic Eagle
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Chamber confirmed for ultimate bro...

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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