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Old 2013-07-05, 16:58   Link #1
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Plot holes(s) you missed in first time watching (spoilers)

Warning, this thread is dedicated for spoilers. If you hate spoilers, this is the best chance to hit the "go back one page" button.

I don't about other people I never noticed how big the plot hole in Chobits until very recently and let me explain you:


...And then the revelation:


...And of course the biggest plot hole in the show, which most of you missed:


I wish CLAMP can re-write Chobits and fill most of its plot holes but too bad CLAMP already said to us they had enough with Chobits and let the franchise dead for good(of their own).
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Old 2013-07-05, 23:58   Link #2
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I'm not sure if what you're discussing is really a "plot hole" or if it's just an unanswered question about the premise. The point you're discussing was never really one the story asked itself (it asked a lot of questions related to this, but not really this one), and I'm not sure that it's really essential to understanding the story's outcome in the end. Answering this question may be interesting to address your curiosity, but the actual story really starts from that point forward, so at that point it really ceases to matter for all intents and purposes. It's not uncommon for stories to start with an improbable/unlikely event to set the plot in motion, and the plot unfolds from that point on, and we generally judge the plot based on how internally consistent it is based on how things unfold from that point forward.

Perhaps the thread should be renamed "unanswered plot questions"?
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Old 2013-07-06, 06:37   Link #3
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I thought about those questions at the time but, like relentlessflame said, I just put it behind me and moved on. Anime has all sorts of issues like this; unbelievable coincidences are especially common. The current arc in Space Brothers has one of these.
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Old 2013-07-06, 19:08   Link #4
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Unanswered plotholes?

Welp, Bleach is the King of this.
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Old 2013-07-06, 21:05   Link #5
Akuma Kousaka
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I don't pay much attention to plot holes; just the whole plot.
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Old 2013-07-06, 21:30   Link #6
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I care about plot holes, but only if they're readily apparent to me. I generally don't go over plots with a fine-tooth comb trying to find plot holes.

My view on plot holes is that the worst of them will come through even if you're not looking for them. If they stand out like a sore thumb, then they're worth criticizing. But if you have to carefully examine a plot to find them, then I'm inclined to view them as an understandable oversight on the part of the writer or writing staff. Especially if it's within a particularly complex plot.
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Old 2013-07-07, 09:03   Link #7
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I never rewatch anime so I would not say "missed in first time". No plot holes come to mind, but I remember a titanic animation error in Getter Robo G episode 8 where Mecha Skeleton Oni suddenly drops to a fourth or so of it's size.
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Old 2013-07-07, 21:38   Link #8
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If I think about the plot hole I would never be able to watch anime like if every one hate Naruto then who raised him and how did every one know that he had the 9 tails in him
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Old 2013-07-08, 03:57   Link #9
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Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
Unanswered plotholes?

Welp, Bleach is the King of this.
So many tricks from the start already are revealed so many years later.
That darn Tite Kubo!

Spoiler for Ichigo's Powers:
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Old 2013-07-10, 07:03   Link #10
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Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
Unanswered plotholes?

Welp, Bleach is the King of this.
There's a reason why all of the hollows are represented by having holes inside of them.
Originally Posted by Haiprbim View Post
So many tricks from the start already are revealed so many years later.
That darn Tite Kubo!

Spoiler for Ichigo's Powers:
Part of the issue is that in at least two cases it's painfully clear that elements of the story were invented with the express purpose of empowering the main character. Those plot holes stem from that, because suddenly there's been some major addition late in the series that's supposedly been there the whole time!

Spoiler for Slight rant on the topic of this sort of plot hole.:

The most common plot hole that people will find is the sort pointed out by the OP (It's 4:52 AM as I'm writing this. I'ma use whatever acronyms I want! ) with the Chobits example is elements that are simply unexplained. How did X find Y? Where did X come from? What is this X you speak of? Nobody cares, shut up and watch/read!

Angel Beats! has one of the most glaring ones that I can recall, and I'm sure my merely mentioning that there was a major plot hole should refresh the memory of many of you. Why the time delay? As far as I'm aware, it was never actually explained.

I suspect Valvrave will have a lot of plot holes from characters suffering from Spontaneous Incompetence Syndrome for the sake of plot. It's already done a fair bit of it. A whole set of other minor issues as well.

This one is just a little bit of humor on my part, but the masked villains in Gundam (and other mechas by that studio)... As far as I remember half of them wear masks "just because, OK?" and typically the circumstances surrounding these characters are rather strange. Though in their defense, they're the more interesting characters in their respective titles.

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Old 2013-07-11, 11:16   Link #11
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I guess this is more like an unanswered question than a plot hole but....
Spoiler for FMA:B:
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