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Old 2006-02-07, 10:52   Link #1
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Arrow UEGroup - Robotech Movie

UEG (United Earth Group) website, a group dedicated to create a
realistic looking 3D Movie out of the well known Robotech anime series.

The Macross Saga
Our main goals are to incorporate more detailed/dynamic battle
sequences, to fix inconsistencies from the original series, yet still
keep most of the original storyline and feel of the series.

The Genesis Saga
In addition we will be adding brand new footage about the events
before the Macross Saga. Telling the story at the very dawn of
robotechnology when the Robotech Masters power rises.....
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Old 2006-02-07, 21:03   Link #2
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not very cool~ to me
realistic? to me..."not"

.....the img ~the sun-Setting effect is not cool at all......too much "red"
i known is i love greenly Pilot suit~~and mecha metal color~not the rgb 3 color's team

those guy used one little sunset effect to kill all the possible charmpoint to me

hopefully they can improve on the effect...~maybe i'm a bit un-friendly and negative...but meche is no hi-tech sci fi to me ...i know i don't know 3d....but i'm 2d type...

techlab...hope that my comment help you get "some"viewer's view~fightO
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Old 2006-02-13, 07:23   Link #3
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Comments are always welcome.

We are currently only concentrating on creating the basic 3D models and story draft. The textures and light effects and scenery will come later. We will try to create a look which is similar/better then the 3D movie 'Final Fantasy - The spirits within'. There is still lots to be done but we will take your comments in account.
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Old 2006-02-13, 10:45   Link #4
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Modeling is atleast looking quite nice, though imo those robot designs are kinda fugly =//

the space background (guess the white thingies are supposed to be stars) looks horrible, as well as what i suppose is supposed to represent Planets (blue glowing things, holographic display or something).

did you create the 2d backgrounds yourselves?

What application(s) (mainly) is being used?

Also, in the teaser, you seriously need to do something about the transition between the dunno music at the start and the star wars theme.

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