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Old 2012-08-07, 01:03   Link #1
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Anime with a specific type of torture scene (to avoid)

So, most gore/violence doesn't bother me -- I mean, it bothers me in the sense that it's unpleasant, cringe-inducing, or even upsetting, but not to the point of sending me crying from the room or anything.

However, there were a couple torture scenes in some American TV shows (end of fourth season of Weeds with a power sander, and sometime in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles with fingernails) that were just too much, and due to association I lost all desire to continue those series after those scenes. I haven't yet seen any anime with scenes that were too much.

I recently finished watching Baccano!, and I love that series. It's got some brutal scenes, but they apparently did not fit *all* characteristics that would send me over the edge. (To tell the truth if I had heard about the scenes ahead of time I probably would have avoided this anime, but I didn't and I'm glad.) I really want to see Monster because I am pretty sure I would like the series, but I have heard of at least one torture scene that might bother me. The last thing I want is to come across a scene that makes such an emotional dent that I can't continue the series. I was also been interested in Higurashi, but then I heard about a particular scene in that one, although I don't get the impression I'd be at as much of a loss avoiding that series.

I believe that it's a combination of the following characteristics that overwhelm me:
A. Mutilation -- I have a problem with painful long-term physical damage... particularly when it involves nails, hands, or eyes.
B. Premeditation -- Malicious intent, planned. If something happens in the heat of the battle or the heat of the moment, it's just not the same.
C. Helplessness/fear -- The victim is incapacitated and shows fear/pain. Without this psychological component, it's just not the same.
D. Prolonged -- if it's a short scene, I can take it. I don't know how long is too long, but I estimate that I can deal with 15-30 seconds.

Some examples of anime I was ok with:
Baccano! -- Criterion A in this series is mostly mitigated when it involves an immortal. (Some scenes with a particular immortal pushed the boundaries anyway, but were relatively short.) The rail scene in episode 9 does sort of fit criterion B but doesn't feel like it for some reason, and the reaction of the victim mitigated C. It also probably helps the whole series was over the top to begin with.

School Days -- Sure there was violence, but not any "torture scenes." Not a problem.

Elfen Lied -- I don't remember specifics about this series because I didn't care for it much. There was certainly violence, gore, and some horribleness, but nothing that went too far for me.

Afro Samurai (first episode) -- all I saw was the first episode because I found it to be extremely dumb. It had gore but not torture scenes like I described.

Black Butler 2 -- there is a pretty gruesome thing that happens in the first episode. It was borderline, and if I had known about it ahead of time I might have opted not to see it, but I didn't so I did and it didn't make me have to leave the room, so that's that. I think this is because it didn't fit criterion B. It was done on a whim. The extremely muted reaction from the victim probably helped (though disturbing in its own way).

Or, maybe I'm not as sensitive as I think.

I really don't like torture scenes in general, but again, I don't want to miss out on a series I might otherwise think is awesome. If a scene *does* fit all criteria, I'd like to know if it's skippable. Are Monster and Higurashi worth it? What other anime I should be cautious about? (Avoid unnecessary spoilers of course.) I'm hoping the list is short.
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Old 2012-08-07, 01:08   Link #2
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Deadman Wonderland would fit all criteria's, and Ghost Hound I think would fit B, C and D. They can be skippable if you wish... I think. There's plenty more but that's what I can think of at the moment.

Monster was great but I forget about most of the scenes because I haven't watched it in a long time.

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Old 2012-08-07, 08:59   Link #3
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Sounds awful specific and rare to be asking about when you're looking for something to avoid.

Monster and When They Cry have scenes like that.
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Old 2012-08-07, 15:14   Link #4
Join Date: Jun 2012

I was curious about Deadman Wonderland but it didn't really sound like my cup of tea, so I'll go ahead and put that on my Won't Watch list. I'll keep that in mind about Ghost Hound if I ever think about watching that. Thanks!


I am trying to be as specific and rare as possible; I'd like to not have to avoid anything! But I want to know about these scenes so I'm not taken off guard if I run into them. I will probably totally avoid When They Cry. Monster's a tough one because I've heard it is very good and has qualities I really enjoy in a series.
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Old 2012-08-07, 15:29   Link #5
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Yeah, I would not skip Monster for that scene. If I recall correctly, it's just one really bad scene in its 74 episode run.
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Old 2012-08-07, 15:58   Link #6
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I can relate to the OP. I am sensitive to violence and gore in movies, TV shows, anime, and videogames. After seeing some disturbing things in Elfen Lied, I probably won't even bother checking that out, and that is something the OP watched. I don't wanna watch some anime series due to violence and gore; series such as Gantz.
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Old 2013-07-08, 12:33   Link #7
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Mnemosyne has a pretty awful torture scene, it ticks almost everything (apart from maybe A because the character is immortal).
Basically the main character is captured, she's tied to a chair and a madwoman pierces her body all over, it lasts about a minute.
Still, you can avoid it and I would recommend that anime
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Old 2013-07-22, 07:23   Link #8
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well if want light gore basicly ide advise BTOOOM
be advised it also has some sexual comtent
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Old 2013-07-25, 00:18   Link #9
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I know you mention Higurashi, so I'll clarify things a bit. Basically, all of the torture scenes in the series are confined to one arc (the 5th one which has a reputation for being the darkest, most disturbing arc in the entire series by a VERY wide margin), of which there are three IIRC. The other arcs are clean in terms of that kind of content. Despite the myths, Higurashi while being very violent, is not a senseless gornfest. Most of the horror is more psychological.

How are you in terms of handeling "fake outs"? i.e A scene which builds up to make the audience believe that torture is imminent but ultimately results in no actual physical torture being done. It can be interpreted as a form of "trolling" by the author. This is relevant because there are two "fake outs", one near the end of the 2nd arc and the other in the 5th arc (those two arcs are linked for reasons that are major spoilers).

Barring the issues you bring (a very valid concern), its actually a really good series for those who are interested in the mystery/horror genres.
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Old 2013-07-25, 00:23   Link #10
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Originally Posted by tedybearsoka View Post
well if want light gore basicly ide advise BTOOOM
be advised it also has some sexual comtent
But there's no torture in BTOOOM, just nasty killing. However, for the anime, it's greatly censored and nothing too graphic IMO.
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