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Old 2013-07-29, 20:33   Link #61
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Why would you think of giving Sasuke even more power? He already has more and varied jutsu than any of the other rookies, all everyone else have is a stronger version of the same attack they always spam. Heck even Kakashi got like this remember when he could copy and use other jutsu waaaaayyy back in the beginning? Naruto whos the main character only uses Rasengan (the Bijuu-dama is a part of it) and shadow clones, like I said Kishi your bais is showing just change the name to Sasuke Shippuden and be done with it because we know he's not going to die even if he does end up betraying them again. -_-
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Old 2013-07-30, 01:15   Link #62
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even if sasuke develops any other kind of jutsu still thiers no other way to defeat obito

maybe the uchiha's forbidden technique izanami or izanagi would work
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Old 2013-07-30, 11:33   Link #63
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Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
sasuke already has the sharingan(eternal mangekyu sharingan at that) and he seems to have mastered it at great extent, why to add more power to him
both sasuke and naruto will get powerups of some kind before this is all said and done. they are the 2 main characters. that's how these mangas work.

and if naruto wins no one will say that it was because of the Kyuubi, because he fought the entire war with the Kyuubi's chakra, the Kyuubi is not a replacable weapon of naruto it is a part of naruto, just like sharingan is the part of sasuke.
no. kurama is his own entity. so are aoba and gamakichi, but there, naruto and sasuke are even with summonings.

it might be boring to naruto get more of Kyuubi but it would be even more boring to see final Naruto vs Sasuke showdown and what we get is Kyuubi power vs Kyuubi power
well, it'd be a lot more than just that if it comes down to it

not saying he is as dumb when he was a kid, he has definately improved a lot, but so has sasuke, in all his battles sasuke has fought opponents who are more powerful than him, he also almost died more than once, but turned that around and won, through his cleverness and planning and i don't think we have seen naruto accomplish such a feat.
that's just a style of fighting using genjutsu. naruto was never a genjutsu user so he wouldn't trick people that way. he does however, trick opponents all the time with his shadow clones, even nagato. 6 of one half a dozen of the other

why would he give power to the guy who will be against his own son sometime later, wouldn't he give the power to his own son instead.
of course. i said he would give it to sasuke only if he had no other choice but to take the kyuubi chakra with him when he was unsummoned.

Originally Posted by nikohowell View Post
maybe the uchiha's forbidden technique izanami or izanagi would work
i hope not. we've already seen one cool fight ruined by izanami
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Old 2013-07-30, 18:30   Link #64
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Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
let us not forget that apart from powers sasuke is also very smart and always have impressive tricks up his sleeve, he defeated itachi, danzo not just because of his powers but mainly because of his quick strategy and thinking. This is something that naruto lacks, naruto is way behind sasuke in these things.
While in theory this could be true but in practice it's not the case. As i debated earlier Naruto is rather dumb in everyday life, however in battle he is often very smart. One could say this is a plot hole, but regardless of that it's true. Just look at this chapter: Naruto saves himself and Sasuke by touching them with his chakra because he remembered that his father explained how his teleporting works. Minato even remarks that Naruto is keeping up with Sasuke, and that's obviously not about strength but about how fast he can think in battle. Add to all this his ability to sense people's chakra and their intent, which helps him sensing if someone tries to trick him, so for Sasuke it would be more difficult to fool him. BTW Itachi is a bad example, in that battle Sasuke was completely fooled by Itachi. Sure Sasuke has a huge amount of jutsu compared to Naruto but that's also true for any high level ninja, since Naruto has only a very few jutsu, and yet Naruto always manages to create tricks and combos that can beat these guys.

We still didn't see anything from Sasuke that's as powerful as Naruto's full kyuubi mode, so even if his EMS gives him somthing of that level they would only be at equal power level. Anyway, i agree that Naruto should get that other half of the power, and my main reason is that i really would like to see what cool stuff he can do if he finally combines his two powerups into one.
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Old 2013-07-30, 22:57   Link #65
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Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan plus it add-on is OP as it is and you want a Kyuubi's other 50 percents power on top of it? Pfffff, I think you forget who our main protag here
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Old 2013-07-30, 23:44   Link #66
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Chapter 641 thread has been created. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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