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has anyone heard anything about Super Heroine Chronicle since this last post?
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I heard something about supper magical girls project. And is the Battle of aces or Gears of destiny even in english or is it in Japanese.
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Originally Posted by Gx Hero View Post
I heard something about supper magical girls project. And is the Battle of aces or Gears of destiny even in english or is it in Japanese.
Japanese. Hasnt had an English patch. I believe there was one stage translated in video.

Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
Friendship, be made! Magical power, gather! Starlight Breaker.... this world!
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Sunder the Gold
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Can anyone provide a full translation of Yuuno's aria for Arrester Chain?
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So... um... I hope this isn't considering necro-ing.

Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
Can anyone provide a full translation of Yuuno's aria for Arrester Chain?
Googling アレスターチェーン got me this (from what looks like a fanfic, so not sure if accurate. It sounds about right, though.):

広がれ、戒めの鎖っ! 捕らえて固めろ、封鎖の檻っ! アレスターチェーン!(“Hiroga re, imashime no kusari! Toraete katamero, fuusa no ori! Aresutaa Cheen!”)

I got "Spread out, chains of warning! Catch and bind/restrain, cage that blockades/arrests! Arrestor Chain!". But that's mostly Google Translate + Kanji Recognizer + some basic Japanese grammar lessons, so I'm not too confident

So um, can someone help me with Stern's Luciferion Breaker aria? From the same fic, I got 疾れ明星! 全てを焼き消す焔と変われっ! 真・ルシフェリオンブレイカー!but I'm having trouble with how 疾れ is pronounced. Google Translate and Kanji Recognizer both say 疾 is "Haya", but in the video I watched 疾れ明星!sounded more like "Hashire akaboshi!"

Plus I have no idea what 疾れ is. Google Translate says 疾 is diseased, but Kanji Recognizer says it means rapidly. So right now I only have "[something] morning star! Turn into the flame that burns and destroys all! True Luciferion Breaker!"

And er, newbie here. Hi? *waves timidly*
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Oh, hey. Welcome aboard and any dialogue translations would be awesome.

Thanks to 00-Raiser for hooking me up with the sig!
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@Yasanagi Thank you for the welcome!

I'd try to translate all the FDB arias, but I have to find a written version. I am terrible at listening >.< Probably the only one I can recognise on hearing is Nanoha's 全力全開!(“Zenryoku zenkai!") which everyone knows.
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The only thing I found hilarious is Levi, so funny yet so tough.:P
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doesn't Levi act like Alicia dose a bit. I wonder if Levi met Alicia in gears of Destiny as a mage what they might talk about. Fate brings them blue loli pops...
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Sort of an odd request but, anyone have Einharts various scans saved, and her official 2d artwork for the game in a large size?
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I have some rough translations from Spanish to english.

I basically found several videos and copied the closed captioning then had a site translate it.

warning do not do this for Japanese bad translations

Also have do not have it where you can tell who is talking yet. WIll do so later.

Spoiler for Sequence 1 2-a Translated:
My site full of Nanoha goodies, manga and fanfiction downloads and links

Links to other Nanoha stories on animesuki
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@Gx Hero Actually I'm quite sure that is Sequence 01 Battle 2B stage, the one where Arf and Amita fight.

2A is versus Yuuno, which by some coincidence I just translated. Well translated is a strong word considering that I do not know Japanese, but do know some basics about their sentence structure and know how to use dictionaries, Google Translate and am aware in general what should be happening.

So without further ado:

Spoiler for Sequence 01 - Battle 2A - Amita vs Yuuno:

* I could have probably gone with healer here, but healing arts fits too I think.
** She really draaawls this out.
*** This is probably the first one that properly stumped me. I think the literal translation is something along the lines of "Nanoha, that some, strange person has not appeared? "
*4 This kanji could actually be anything considering how badly legible it was in game. Luckily KanjiTomo enabled me to guess it might be this one since it's for attack which fits the narrative.
*5 What she actually says is litteraly "I immediately!" and nothing else. I guess this is another case where Japanese expects you to intuit the missing parts from the context.
*6 She literaly says "Sorry, it's downtime" (downtime is said as dauntaimu ). This is my best guess about the meaning.
*7 This is the ussual problem. In Japanese the ship's name is Asura, but for some reason fan subs keep refering to it as Artha.
*8 The Japanese word here is 反応 meaning reaction/response. Now I'm quite sure that some would translate this as reaction, but that makes no bloody sense in context especially since the literal translation is something like "there is a strange reaction". To me it's clear she is talking about something they are picking up with their sensors on Asura, and therefore signal is I think more appropriate. Or maybe simply use "sensing something strange".
*9 Oh I'm yet to find a dictionary that has a definition for ヘンな. Google Translate has it as "strange" and it fits the context but I could find nothing else to support it.
*10 I'm unsure which one to use here since 異世界 is composed of two parts 異 meaning different/uncommon/strange and 世界 meaning world. 世界 is pretty commonly used to mean world in Nanoha franchise (管理世界 is administered world), but 異世界 also seems to have a meaning of parallel universe/different-dimension world. I think world is probably the intended translation.
*11 At least I hope I'm right that she is refering to Hayate (spoilers the next fight is against her) since no gender is given.

Also while I'm necromancying here I should say that I have been futsing around with this game files too. The game uses similar way of packing it's files (add_pac and lzs) and like with BoD there is still no way to put the files back together after they are uncompressed which means no way to make language patches. But here it's actually worse since they don't even use any kind of normal encoding but have rolled out DIFFERENT encoding/font file for EACH sequence. This is also bad for translating and my video form English subtitle translations since unlike in BoD where I can extract subtitles for all stages, here I have to take screenshots and then run KanjiTomo OCR on them to get the Japanese text since I can not decypher the subtitle files for GoD.
Anyway my full odysey in all it's glorious technical detail can be found here so I don't pollute the thread with my ranting about technical details.
On the plus side I was able to rip probably all of the artwork. So @Fluegel my buddy my man after just a month less than 3 years your dreams have come true.

PS. Oh and while I do have a translation of 1A, the fight before this one, I think it would be better to point you towards this video since his translation is probably better than mine.

PS2: Ah damn, I did not include the ッ っ at the ends of some of the sentences in originals, since I tend to drop them since they seem not to be read. But now I have learned that they do have a meaning, and that is that the speaker is agitated and is ending the sentence abruptly. Oh well live and learn.

PS3: I found a mistake in my OCR. At *12 it was not 便 but 使. The first one meant flight which made no sense, but the second one is kanji part of the word for use.

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Originally Posted by Gx Hero View Post
~rough translation of Battle 2B~
Here is my version:

Spoiler for Sequence 01 - Battle 2B - Amita vs Arf:

* In Japanese the word she uses is onomatopea of dog bark followed by chan (ワンちゃん) and that is apparently one of ways to say dog in Japanese. I was debating should I simply translate is as dog, doggie or even woof-chan but went with dog-chan to preserve some of the familiarity Amita displays.

** The word in Japanese has many meanings thing/matter/occurence/event/trouble/situation

*** As you can see in the original she does say V, probably for victory since she won.

*4 She just says "virus (subject) whole body (location particle)" so I had to extrapolate a bit. Seems to be a common thing in Japanese

*5 She says this and then adds "サッパリで" which I have not been able to decypher. It's an equivalent of "さっぱりで" but it's meaning doesn't fit the context: feeling refreshed/relieved/neat/trimmed/plain etc.

*6 I don't remember right now (sleep deprivation) but there was some big problem when figureing this one out but I think in the end I paraphrased it into what I thought it meant.

*7 It's literaly (| separates words): "sisters | quarrel/brawl/fight/squabble/scuffle |but/however/however particle/even particle | oppinion/point of view | (questioning particle)" so I had to cobble this meaning.

*8 She literaly says "off taimu sorry, emergency call".

*9 This is probably my worst translation here. The literal translation is:
"Large/large scale/big | (possesive particle) | special/peculiar/particular/unique | changing/metastasis | reaction/response/signal+ | particle: if/when/and/with | unique/singular | mana | (possesive particle) | strangene/abnormal/disorder | filled with"
+my interpretation
Basically it's a mess of adjectives so I'm sticking with my interpretation. I also wonder are they detecting the rebirth of Material-D or Kyrie. The next lines indicate the later, but abnormal abounts of mana indicate the former.

*10 She literaly says something like "that", so considering the context I translated that as a question.

All in all despite some problems translation of this one went quite well I think.
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4th Dimension
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Spoiler for Battle 3A - Kyrie vs Hayate:

Spoiler for Stage 3 cutscene:

I would like to thank the wonderful people of the Midchilda channel on Discord for helping me with some of the problematic parts. Still there is a lot left here to do/correct. So comments/recommendations are encouraged.

* I'm still debating which is the correct variant. Kyrie says Ertoria, wiki says Eltria (I wonder what do they base it on) and I'm using GTranslate's Eltoria. Add to that the fact that for Japanese L and R are interchangable....
**This is one of those I'm a bit uncertain about. I'm pretty sure about the general idea, Kyrie trying to extort Hayate while being a smug snake, I'm just unsure about the specific wording. The part at the end しないでおいてあ・げ・る♥ is problematic the most. An alternative translation might be "Hand it over and pain will not ha ppe n".
*** I only have glimmers of ideas what is happening here. Damn the Kansai-ben. The parts: そーゆーの and ゆーん completelly stump me. Again I'm pretty certain in general what is being said. Hayate is reacting to threaths and extortion by Kyrie by midly remarking how strange are her ways. Also what is shi doing at the end of sentence? In the second one practically the only word I can understand are world and extortion and couple of particles.
*4 I'm a bit unsure on the whole strange world thing and exact wording, but this is Kyrie she doesn't care at all for other people except for her family.
*5 In the original it was something along the lines of "Black sky sitting/squatting..." which is silly. So I'm modifying the title to make it more regal, as D's titles should be.
*6 It's actually Lodo, but that is obviosly Engrish in action and should be Lorodo = Lord
*7 This is a bit of a non-sequetour, but she does say she knows the reason for the resemblance.
*8 Yeah Hayate's hardcore. The word she uses means: extermination (e.g. of pests, demons, bandits); elimination; eradication; suppression; curing illness. So elimination is the least violent one.
*9 Yes, this is kind of ass backwards, but it is what was being said. Dangerous reading is the hubject and manifesting verb.
*10 This should go above the previous kanji since its how they are supposed to be read.
*11 I think she actually says something about being unreasonable. But I think this still fits.
*12 She splits the pronounciation of two kanji word into two sentences. The word is resurected and is formed from the kanji for restore and life. So I decided to mirror her and break up resurection into restored to life.
*13 She uses Engrish here, so I left it in.
*14 Meaning she has so much darkness she is trembling from it. I probably need a beter wording here.
*15 head/mind/hair bad person/thing. Take your pick.
*16 This is a bit of a loose translation. I think the me in brackets is the one used to scold kids so a more close to the original translation might be This bad girl, I should tsk to teach her." I think my one is more correct from the point od view of English.
*17 I think she is using the b word here.
*18 This one is still a mystery. These are just some possible translations.
*19 Again take your pick. It's head/mind/hair + tall/high/expensive. Which one do you prefer?
*20 This one is a bit of mess, untill I realized how Dearche goes away in BoA. On Wolkie routes they shoot her in the chest. IN the case of Hayate's path all the Wolkies arrive and Signum shoots her through the chest.

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I had this thing for a while, but did not post it since this dates to the days before I even knew how particles worked. Or that there is a difference between つ (tsu) and っ (doubles the following consonant) or that ゃ/や and よ/ょ are also different.
I rechecked it now that I know "some" things and am posting the corrected variant. I think it's pretty good baring couple of sections. Most of my remarks are about small things that can be argued either way I think.

Gears of Destiny - Prologue:
Spoiler for Sequence 1: Gears of Destiny Prologue::

* examining/investigating/checking up/studying/searching
** study/research/investigate
*** It's more along the lines of Land that is becoming sad/sad feeling, or something.
*4 I'm terrible at babu speak. I know that the English doesn't really have a way to distinguish between older and younder sister, but I keep trying. other Translation would be "Siiiissteerr?" or "Siiiiiiisss?"
*5 I'm not 100% sure about the tense. Is she asking where the Doctor curently is, or will be? I think it's the later.
*6 I think the literal translation is "Then we will be able to leave?", but context wise this is I think more in line what is Kyrie's meaning since she is not sad she is in the house but because Grantz is not around.
*7 I'm a bit hazy on weather she means that they will go farther than or along or what. Also Forest sampling trips is kind of bad, but that is her meaning. In Florian house even picnics are there to gather samples for Professor's research. He is kind of like Jail, only good, utterly dedicated to his work BUT is also trying to do right to his "daughters".
*8 Another interpretation could be "grow up". On the other hand considering their nature....
*9 Again my lack in babu speak hurts me here.
*10 In Jap. it's literally "Ahh, not loose!" so I'm unclear if it is "I will not loose!" or "I can not loose". The first one sounds like Amita is confident than in the second one, and Amita doesn't sound confident.
*11 Well she actually says " a small house where three people live" but considering that she is obviously including herself and Kyrie in that, I went with this which is more along the lines how such thought would be said in English.
*12 There is also possible this should be in the past, as in Amita is writing this after the fact, but I think future is more appropriate as an ironic echo of what is about to happen. Also she is writing in her diary her current thoughts.

Also even this soon you should have a pretty good grapsp of A/K sister dynamic.

Again thanks to the nice people of the Midchilda group on Discord for the help rendered in the previous sections. I think I have yet to update the previous parts with their sujestions here but I have made changes in my original file.
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Sequence 01
Spoiler for Sequence 1: Battle 1A: Amita vs Kyrie:

* This kind of doesn't really fully follow the previous sentence's context. I think the previous one might be the issue.
** I have allready discussed this with others, but I still think this one doesn't completely fit what is actually being said. It's close enough, but things still bother me about this one.
*** It's literally negative form of to do. So "I won't/don't" would be the literal translation, but I think it won't fit here since, given the negative in the previos sentence, it might read that Amita agrees not to hinder/impeede Kyrie. But simply saying "I will impede you" kind of doesn't fit either so I went with "I'll stop you.". Still not entirely satisfied.
*4 Nope I did not invnet this she literally uses this word and noun. お尻 = bottom/buttocs; つねり is i form of つねる= to pinch and あげて= all/whole/en masse. Soo if you have other interpretations I'm all ears. Now I sort of would expect Amita to threathen to spank her since she thinks Kyrie is behaving like a misbehaving kid, but pinching? Is that some sort of Japanese thing?
*5 I admit this is kind of messy, but again it is what is being said "elder sister-chan (subject) younger sister (location particle/ni) not defeat thing, teach-te ageru!" Where ageru has like a 24 different meanings all mostly unrelated.
*6 stealthily or secretly are the meanings of the original word. Then again the idea you can stealhily hit somebody with a bullet... it kind of ridiculous. Then again these two aren't normal.
*7 This sentence I think is correct? But this is mostly according to context since if I drill into how it's composed, it completely stumps me how it's supposed to work?!? "to extent/degree stopped allthough/despite, that/there (object) disreguarding/ignoring, (this part I get) I'm chased by stupid like big sis" is the literal translation of the components. I get the last part. But that before?
Without knowing the context I might be able to intuit that it might mean something like "Even though I have stopped you this much, you are likely to ignore it and continue chasing after like a big stupid sister you are." but that doesn't fit the context I think....
Maybe it does, if she is not refering to stopping her with the virus, but simply stopping her by defeating her. So she is explaining why she is using this method since she wants her out of her way? It might also tie into the next sentence where she mentions how she could destroy her, but this is a nonlethal way to stop her.
*8 Yeah she does use such strong wording: 本当に=really/truly; ブッ=ephasis (strongly/violently/quickly); 壊し=break/destroy/demolish/wreck etc; ちゃって=to do something completely.
*9 Those dots in Japanese are there to show that she enaunciates each sylible of the negative form of to do separatelly. That is kind of hard to show in English in text I think.
*10 Another possibility here is again soon. Maybe that would be better?
*11 Was initially translated as healer, but then I use healing arts in the next encounter. But then healing arts is not something you can get, you need somebody that KNOWS healing arts. So maybe "healing arts user" event though the last is not part of her line?

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Spoiler for Sequence 01 - Battle 4A - Amita vs Dearche:

Who could it be?

Well most of the people probably know already.
Anyway I loved the Amita's thing with describing herself as having an ENGINE of Passion in her chest. Then again knowing what she really is...

* When translating the Battle 3A I did wonder if Hayate was told about Amita. I expected she wasn't since both Arf and Yuuno ditch her as soon as the call comes that Kyrie was detected. But apparently she was told since she does correctly identify Amita based on her gear.
** I wonder what exact sitation she is talking about. Because she is first apologising about Pinky (Kyrie) and then she is asking everyone to stay back since she is going to fight Dearche. Or I'm missing something.
*** I don't particularly like the wording of my translation, but this is basically what it boils down to. Kyrie is snarking at Amita by recalling the Japanese saying that goes exactly like in the quote apparently. I think it's similar to the "God protects the fools" we might be more familiar with. Still I would be interested if anyone more knowledgeable than me can figure out a way to better state this.
*4 Curiously enough while she does say a "foreign" word it's not written in Katakana. At least I think it's victory that she says (bikutori in original). It does fit the context.
*5 She is miffed that the virus did not kick in sooner, and literally says "just in time isn't" but I do think there also could be a bit of bait and switching going on. Like she is saying this miffed it did not trigger sooner but Hayate misunderstanding it for something else... I'm probably overthinking it.
*6 I would have expected for her to say something like "All this power took a long time to gather and it was still useless", but no she actually says she stored a brief amount of power and that it was useless. Which is kind of nonsensical? If she stored brieg amount why is she complaining?
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Spoiler for Sequence 1: Battle 3B: Kyrie vs Reinforce:

This time I did not comment all suspect (marked in red) sections in cases where they are self explanatory:

* This one is a mess. It’s I/me (cause of action) willfully extract (nde contrast), this Book of Darkness (uncertainty in information) (object) to send/to hand over + disdain/contempt (sings) (quotting/if then) (command) to be (certainty/emphasis/contempt).
** She only says "Using brute force!". But I suspect you are supposed to infer from context it is about the control method.
*** I am totally unsure of what is this supposed to mean. The katakana part supposedly means serious. The addion of ん would negate that? That is why I'm using "aren't serious". But then in the reply Reinforce confirms this, which would confirm she is lying. So "aren't lying" would also be appropriate. Or maybe "seriously?"
Then there is the darkhorse possibility, and that is that the マジんこ means magic. What is the meaning then? Fuck me if I know, maybe "She no longer exists....... because of magic"?
*4 Actually she doesn't say this. She doesn't use the negative form as far as I can figure it out. But I think Unbreakable Darkness is a new thing in GoD and something like that wasn't mentioned in BoA. I might need to check the subtitle files for Reinforce's path to see if 砕け得ぬ appears there.
*5 F me if I can figure out what "disagreeable/detestable/unpleasant/reluctant feeling mana" could mean.

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I have started putting these together in video form too.
The playlist is here:
The Gears of Destiny - English subtitles

And the latest video is
Sequence 1 - Battle 3A - Kyrie vs Hayate

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Sequence 1 - Battle 3B - Kyrie vs Reinforce

Spoiler for Epilogue Sequence 1:

One of the shames of the Japanese -> English translation is that a lot of the speech ticks kind of get lost since English simply does not posses the same forms. For example Levi constantly uses the male pronouns for herself, fitting the persona of the brash tough fighter she tries to mantain. Similar is with the Stern who is CONSTANTLY polite no matter what she is saying. So in that vein I tried to spice up a bit their dialogues. And Dearche is full on hammy evil overlord. If you have ideas how to spice it up more while conveying the same meaning to give me proposals.

Anyway annotations and comments:
*1 Other alternatives:
If King resurrected,
there is no reason why we wouldn't resurrect too!!
King only resurrected,
no reason we wouldn't resurrect!!
** Here I use brackets to display the meaning of the Kanji and before the brakcets is what is written in ruby. In final cut this will not be done so.
*** It or they now that is the grammar question. It is suitable if Stern is refering to the magical power but they is more suitable for system resources. But what to use if it's both?
*4 the previous sentence was the cause of much headache. But here this is not excatly what they say, but judging from what the joke is, how they say, context etc. I gather that Levi is the bumbling baby so she will not even properly understand what Dearche is saying, while Stern will and will simply answer truthfully.
*5 I need basic factchecking on this one. I'm pretty certain, especially given what Stern says that the S&L did not on their own resurect. But Levi is again an idiot so she doesn't know what happened and is reacting like a kid caught with her hand in a cookie jar, when she didn't even get to taste the cookie.
*6 Basically I'm confideint of the meaning but I might need a better way to say this in Kyrie type of tone. Her tone is sassy. She is trying here to be respectfull but is also failing I think.
*7 I think what she actually says is don't let her near. Or stay away from her, but this one works too and a bit better as a command. Unless someone has a better idea that better reflects the original in English?
*8 I'm not entirely sure on this one TBH. I think that Stern is proposing to relocete to wherever they plan to awaken U-D but I'm not sure.
*9 This is some sort of arcknowledgement of the compliment. It might even be a laugh, only VERY muted since she is Stern.
*10 Take your pick. They both mean the same, that Stern will pay a visit to those present... hey that could be an alternate translation. One moment. If you are suggesting an alternative please try to form it such to show that Stern is EXTREMELY pleasant about the most violent of things.
*11 Pick your poisson, the best way for Dearche to say that "I'll SHOW YOU ALL" and imply utter destruction. Give me your hammiest answers.
*12 If you asked me to say without the Reinforce's answer I would say that she was ordering Reinforce back home, but wasn't sure about it. But then Reinforce agrees with her, which is like... Reinforce would not leave her side even on the pain of death. So another possible interpretation is this one I came up with.
*13 Is it me or does Hayate's next line like totally and brutally shut Fate's attempt to take lead in planning.
*14 This is the meaning only if the i in the original was supposed to be a long one, but Arf for some reason shortened it.

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