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Myssa Rei
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LAN issues with laptop to desktop

Had a local ISP outage for about two days, but after that was resolved discovered that our laptops for some reason could no longer connect to the LAN network I've set up at home.

Nothing works, as the laptop itself (uses Windows 7 as is OS) can't seem to figure out how to connect to the network. It SEES it, but all it gets for the trouble is the "Limited to No Connectivity" warning, despite the fact that I'm free to use the connection on the desktop for downloads.

Really need help on this one, as my family uses the laptops for Skype/Video conferencing.
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AS Oji-kun
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Do you have some sort of router between the ISP and your local machines? If so, I'd start by resetting it to factory defaults. Usually there is a little button that you need to push with a paper clip and hold in for thirty seconds or so.
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