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Old 2013-08-13, 17:15   Link #41
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^Well, I think many of us already figured that Ricky was quite the enigma. Whether or not he's the gladiator who's depicted on that statue is still anyone's guess naturally, but there certainly are clues that seem to point towards that direction. But yes, I most definitely agree that Ricky is going to be quite an important character in this arc.....

Originally Posted by Rainbowman View Post
With this holiday Obon, isn't that what Bon Clay was based from?
Yes, that is correct.


On another note, now that we've learned of the existence of a dwarf princess, I've been wondering: Will Oda eventually introduce us to more monarchs from different races? I mean, putting aside all the human royalty like Vivi/Wapol/world nobles/etc., we've already seen the merfolk's royal family (Shirahoshi, Neptune, Otohime, three princes), and now this arc has a dwarf princess (Manshelly). So maybe we'll see monarchs from the other races, as well? Personally, I am rather interested in checking out the royals from the giant or minkmen races.....
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Old 2013-08-14, 00:36   Link #42
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The long limbed royalty just sound nauseating to me (just thinking of seeing more people like Blue Gilly makes the bile in my stomach start to rise)...strangely enough, if the Snakeneck Tribe lives up to their name, I will not be quite as disturbed...
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Old 2013-08-15, 15:51   Link #43
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^Damn James, still going on with that hostility towards long-limb people!? Being born with slightly different features from most other people shouldn't warrant such blatant discrimination against them......


Anyways, I find it interesting that outside of Diamante, we haven't seen the rest of the Dofla officers participating in the tournament since the chapter where they were introduced. And for that matter, we haven't seen Burgess since his reveal at the A-block, either. I wonder what those guys are doing, if they apparently aren't watching the other matches taking place.....?
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Old 2013-08-16, 01:52   Link #44
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Ehh, sorry I think I crashed Arlong Park -_-;

I have tidbits of spoiler based on unreadable Chinese relelase for 718.
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Old 2013-08-16, 03:09   Link #45
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^And the thread for said spoilers has been made, so we can discuss them there.
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