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Old 2013-01-19, 05:22   Link #21
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Originally Posted by momonae View Post
Spoiler for This is a major spoiler:
Spoiler for up^:
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Old 2013-01-19, 09:30   Link #22
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Spoiler for Novel:
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Old 2013-01-19, 16:58   Link #23
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@kheve, can you explain the meaning of that dream sequence that saki had in ep 16

the symbolism stuff, cause. . .I didn't get it at all -.-

oh and also, what was the "second hypothesis" that satoru was gonna say the cause of cantus was?
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Old 2013-01-19, 17:13   Link #24
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Originally Posted by Kheve View Post
Spoiler for Novel:
Spoiler for Reaction to Spoiler:
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Old 2013-01-19, 17:14   Link #25
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so, er... I just want to know... :s
Spoiler for novel question:
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Old 2013-09-07, 21:39   Link #26
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Spoiler for Question about anime:

Spoiler for Question about anime:
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Old 2013-09-07, 22:18   Link #27
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1) I figured he had taken them in and hid them, and just let them go about their business as normal teenagers would do when given carte blanche and no one else around (especially given the "training" they had in order to relieve stress). Once Maria gave birth, they could take the two out in their sleep at any point, since they had already spent at least 9 months building trust.

2) Been a while since I watched it, but if I recall they lobotomized her so she couldn't think about anything, but was still alive and thus able to continue populating the race.
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Old 2015-02-02, 11:41   Link #28
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Is Maria had sex and gave birth to a child of her own free will? Does she was forced to?

I would be grateful for your response.
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