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Old 2006-02-18, 19:07   Link #21
from head to heel
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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"Rumbling Hearts" may sound good in a marketing point of view, but it does sound a bit misleading to me. It could've been action, porn, comedy or whatever, and it would still fit.

But hey, the fact that this anime even got licensed is still pretty good news to me.
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Old 2006-02-18, 19:48   Link #22
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England
Age: 31
Now just hoping the game goes the same way. Rumbling Hearts makes sense for the anime title, since it's about the problem between Taka, Haruka and Mitsuki. The eternity you desire makes more sense for the game though, since you choose a path.
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Old 2006-02-18, 20:01   Link #23
Mein Kampf :D
Join Date: Feb 2004
I've seen some azn bootlegs marketing it as Rumbling Hearts.
I guess they wanted something people can identify with.
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Old 2006-02-18, 20:13   Link #24
Join Date: Dec 2005
I was under the impression that the title refers to how the four wanted to be friends for eternity.
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Old 2006-02-18, 20:57   Link #25
Vampie Walrus. Big fangs
Join Date: Oct 2004
Rumbling Hearts - Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

My search failed to find anything on this board or one for the core series on the fansubs board. I found that strange. So if "Rumbling" and "Kimi ga" weren't sufficient, just kill this topic.

Anyhow, I for one am super glad it's finally liscensed. This series really deserved it IMO. And I have a newfound faith in Funimation so hopefully it'll turn out as well as Gunslinger Girl did.
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Old 2006-02-18, 21:08   Link #26
Mass Dictionary Lookup...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: A Japanese Dictionary
...*remembers the whole sub forum devoted to this anime* mea culpis
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Old 2006-02-18, 21:11   Link #27
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 35
Yup, good news indeed! Here's the other thread where discussion is already in progress. (I guess this'll be one of the first series that I buy twice... looking forward to see how they handle the R1 release.)
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Old 2006-02-18, 21:23   Link #28
Join Date: Jan 2005
Rumbling Hearts is the ending song after all and the name of the it is not so bad, and many anime titles really says nothing about the content anyways. Certain better than calling it Kiminozo

Anyway, good news that a good series got licenced
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Old 2006-02-18, 23:30   Link #29
Setsuna Asuka
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: New Jersey<_<
Age: 31
Read this before jumping to conclusions<_<:

The Japanese licensor created the English name "Rumbling Hearts" for the English speakiing territories. We are adding a sub-title "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien" to the logo and full name to avoid any confusion.

Lance Heiskell
FUNimation Guy

Anyways YAY!!
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Old 2006-02-18, 23:51   Link #30
Join Date: Dec 2005
YES! There is a God! I never thought I would say this but...........thanks Funimation! I was waiting forever for this to be licensed.

I just hope they do a better job at the subtitles than they did with Fruits Basket, when there's background music it was directly above the dialogue subs and hard to read. And there was this little typo in Kyo's dialogue, I forgot which part.

I hope they don't edit the content and give us an uncut version.
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Old 2006-02-19, 02:55   Link #31
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
I'm just shocked that Funimation, of all companies, picked this one up, I would have though Media Blasters would pick it up. Even when I read the comment Lance made that was posted on Anime News Network I was thinking it would be something along the lines of Monster, but boy am I shocked that this is the title they picked up.

Damn October feels so far away now... I can't wait til they start releasing this show, I can't wait to buy the DVDs.
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Old 2006-02-19, 03:55   Link #32
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: D.C. area
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I was at this panel today, and I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I heard the first notes/chords of the OP theme to KGNE and saw the title logo. My reaction was, "OMG, no way! Awesome!" I really wasn't expecting that.

And the good stuff is that it starts release in Oct., and each volume will be released monthly. Yes, as in every 4 weeks, not 7-8. So basically, you can have the entire series by the end of this year. Not a bad deal at all. You could just buy a volume, watch one episode a week like a broadcast schedule, and as you soon as you finish one, the next is available right away.

I like the fact that on their newest shows that they're doing the monthly releases now, especially with Negima. BTW, on a side note, Negima has been pushed back to Aug. They are fighting really hard to get the premium extras and merchandise for the US. Hey, if they can get the pactio cards for the US release, I don't mind the extra wait, and the monthly release schedule definitely makes up for it.

Well, with KGNE licensed, could we see other shows like Kanon, AIR, Shuffle, etc. being licensed soon? It's a definite possibility.
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Old 2006-02-19, 04:56   Link #33
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Finland
Originally Posted by aquastar831
Well, with KGNE licensed, could we see other shows like Kanon, AIR, Shuffle, etc. being licensed soon? It's a definite possibility.
I certainly hope so, and Fate/stay night prelicensed, so maybe U.S. license companies are finally starting to pick up bishoujo titles.

Anyway, thank you, Funimation! I'm looking forward to this.
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Old 2006-02-19, 05:50   Link #34
Blue Dawn
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 38
*sigh* Let's please hope that FUNi will divert some resources out of FMA into this...although I highly doubt they will and we'll be given a slightly sub-par release.
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Old 2006-02-19, 05:55   Link #35
Circular Logic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Well, it's good it got licensed and all, but I would much, much rather it was ADV than Funimation.

Couldn't they have just kept it as Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, rather than The Eternity You Desire/Rumbling Hearts?
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Old 2006-02-19, 10:08   Link #36
Senior Member
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Location: Ohayo
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Well well, I was about to post this information today, but to my discovery it's already known. New's travels fast I guess. Anyway all I can say is:IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! I remember I showed the fansub of it to an old friend and she adored it. Now when it's released in English I can finally introduce this great anime to my other friends without worrying if they would actually stop to read as well as watch it.

Still isn't this Funimation's first actual "Romance drama" anime for them? Think they'll be able to handle something so new to them?
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Old 2006-02-19, 16:02   Link #37
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From what I've read in reports, the Japanese licensor set the name as "Rumbling Hearts", so Funi didn't have a choice (remember Samurai X?), that's why they're doing ~Kimi ga Nozomu Eien~ as the subtitle.

Anyways, I could care less what they call it...this is great news all around. Next winter will be great
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Old 2006-02-19, 16:21   Link #38
~1000th Summer
Join Date: Dec 2005
I'm so happy that Funi decided to license KgNE, didnt think anyone would ><
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Old 2006-02-20, 21:41   Link #39
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Yet again those damn Rumbling Hearts Souns like cheasy soap opera. I was hopping R1 will get another title. (we already have our local RH here in Russia) Well I guess it worldwide madness thanks to JAP guys
The title should have a DRAMA feel in it thats why it is "The Eternity You Desire"
"The Eternity You Desire"
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Old 2006-02-24, 15:49   Link #40
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It can also be translated to "The Eternity You Wish For" Rumbling hearts is just kinda weared, but hey it finally licensed.
PS Wasn't Rumbling hearts the theme song of the anime?
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