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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Washu, the only one who gives a damn about the "gray canon" and shit is Sunrise.
THAT I know.

Sunrise stated that only animated works are "official", and everything else is "non-official", because the Japanese definition of "canon" is different from the US's, or is non-existent.
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Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
On that note, would anyone care to explain to me why Kira joined ZAFT? Couldn't he be simply Lacus' bodyguard, if that's what he went with her for? I'm pretty sure I remember him not liking to fight, which makes his enlistment all the weirder.
(And why the heck was he wearing a Commander's uniform? Where I live, even the most skilled need to earn their rank first.)
I guess he learned from Athrun
If he just bodyguard Athrun to Cagalli than he won't know anything that happened behind the table nor can access it without trouble
he is only bodyguard so he doesn't know about Cagalli weak position that force her into marriage

if he was admiral (his rank at move 4 ending) than he could hive her more support and help than as private bodyguard

about white coat > probable because he was admiral in Orb fleet so they give him equal rank from ZAFT point of view

Originally Posted by monster View Post
Uh, what? the war in SEED was started by Blue Cosmos and the war in Destiny was started by LOGOS (with the Zala supporters dropping the remain of Junius 7 as catalysts).
it was not Blue Cosmos who started teh war

war in seed start because ZAFT leader (lacus father) was in meeting with UN leaders > and meeting place got attack by terrorist who wipe out the entire United Nations's leadership.
The only survivor of the attack was ZAFT Supreme Chairman Siegel Clyne, which lead the Earth Alliance to believe ZAFT had orchastrated the attack. In response, the Earth Alliance issued a declaration of war, on 11 February.

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