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Old 2006-02-26, 01:49   Link #41
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Three words:

Great. Teacher. Onizuka.

And if you like "hentai like Buttopi CPU and Agga Ruter", while I can't speak for Agga Ruter since I never watched and probably never will, Buttobi CPU is one of those silly 'animes' that doesn't fall under ecchi or outright western corrupted definition of 'hentai'. So if you like those stuff, you'll probably like Green Green Erolution too. Heck, you'll probably like Green Green the series itself too, since it falls under 'ecchish harem', has perverted humor, and somewhat dark/mature theme at last two episodes.
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Old 2006-02-26, 06:44   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Wirhe
Watched Kino no Tabi (movie) yesterday, by the way. The protagonist wasn't all that interesting... Just another pre-school super girl. Also, the story was a really slow burner, stopping before it even begun. Could someone spoil me a bit about the actual serie and what happens later on? You never know: maybe this one can surprise pleasantly, although I haven't been surprised since... ever.
Well I think that this might be the first time you will be surprised then. You listed Haibane Renmei as one of the series you liked and Kino No Tabi has a very similar feeling to it. Also the movie you watched isn't nearly as good as the actual serie. So I think you should watch atleast few first episodes(especially the second episode will give you a very good idea of the serie).

By the way: Kino is licensed in Finland so if you want you can find it in any bigger store. The finnish sub in it is actually pretty good.
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