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Mysterious Blank Screen PS3 Slim problem with HDMI


A couple of days ago I bought the PS3 Slim 500gb + Last of Us Bundle and immediately ran into a problem of a mysterious nature that I've never been able to solve.

The Problem
Essentially, I'm getting a blank screen if I try to use the HDMI cable. When I say blank, I don't mean entirely black; it's a slight shade of blue and it reports no signal or connection errors. I'm currently using the AV cables that come with the PS3, but as you can imagine, the quality is subpar. Though it is working fine.

Attempts of Solution
1. Reset Display Settings with the "Hold button until it beeps a second time." Doesn't help.

2. Unplug everything and let it be over night. Doesn't help.

3. Use the AV cables to get into the Display Settings on the XMB and Manually switch over to HDMI. Doesn't help (it's a blank screen until the 30 seconds are up and it switches over to AV again)

4. Tried different HDMI ports. No dice.

5. Connected the PS3 to a different TV, which is older (both are HDReady), with the same cable. The PS3 works on that one, even at 1080p, immediately.

6. Switch the automatic HDMI setting to 720p while using the other TV (unchecking 1080p), then reconnect the PS3 to the first TV. Doesn't help.

7. Reset the TV to factory settings and did everything above again. No dice.

I'm utterly stumped, but it has happened before. A couple of years ago I bought a Bluray player to the same TV and that encountered the exact same problem. I eventually returned it as I found no solutions.

I've been using a HDMI cable from the PC to the TV for many years as well, and it works fine in 720p (which seems to be the TV's native res.)

The only thing I can think of at this point is some problem with my TV's HDCP or a HDMI handshaking problem between the TV and the PS3. The TV is a Samsung LCD 32LE32B465B2W, about 4 years old.

Any tech wizards got any clue?

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