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View Poll Results: Little Busters ~Refrain~ - Episode 1 Rating
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Old 2013-10-06, 06:08   Link #41
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2012
I was surprised! this is much much better than the first season, at least production value looks on par with the others! I didn't read the VN so I don't know how I'd endured the nightmare that was first season @@ but we are finally here : )

- I hope that Refrain will meet my high expectations, I like after story and I want the same excellence.

-I like the friendship theme very much and the group is "clicking" with me despite being over-dramatic at times.

- Great opening and great ending : )
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Old 2013-10-06, 08:12   Link #42
Strange New World
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Well I like refrain so far, though Kurugaya did not effect me as well as Nadeko from monogatari did today >_>
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Old 2013-10-06, 09:04   Link #43
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Location: Edmonton, Canada
The Clannad phenomenon is starting to happen all over again...people who thought the first season was OK but is blown away by the second season
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Old 2013-10-06, 10:42   Link #44
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*Sigh* Yuiko being my favorite LB character along with Saya, her anime arc isn't exactly engaging in my books, so discussing it would be rather too biased. Still, few things really bothered me on a general sense than really the arc itself:

The Good
-The anime visuals are noticeably better as in the color pattern is less imbalanced (first season was at times too dull, or too flashy depending of the scenes). The characters traits are also a bit sharper, but the design itself is still generic (hopefully JC staff won't introduce a character as generic as female rik... I mean Kudo's mom but I'm not holding my breath). The animation, though, is still iffy, especially Takamiya hilarious facial expression when she threaten Yuiko she will break LB members.

The bad:
-The mood swing with this episode was really not a good idea.
Since Refrain is basically the continuation of LB plot instead of a "season 2", I understand they don't need any complete full group episode before any serious business. Even so, the transitions are quite awkward, and having the bullies acting like that right off the bat was a bad idea.

Sure if the audience paid attention to that detail, they would realize that the girls are the same who teased Kudo way earlier in the first season. Even so, the way how they picked on Yuiko was, like some people said, too convenient. It looks like an abrupt and spontaneous incident instead of a chain of harassments that came from deep grudge. They really should have dedicated the second half of this episode with Riki and possibly Rin/Haruka/Komari hanging around Yuiko because of her radio stuff (which could be conveniently done due to the bad weather there).
This way, they could introduce the bunch of girls not liking Yuiko at all and having the idea to bully the other LB over time the latter pay a visit to Yuiko for instance. And afterwards, they could dedicate episode 2 with the bullying incident and Yuiko going postal on them.

-Music direction is again awkward, but I guess I have to accept that after S1.

The Ugly:
-Romance or not, they pretty much squeezed Yuiko's development into half of an episode that it isn't even funny. Frankly, having the bully incident alone to have her wondering about her emotions is rather "convenient" as well. It just make her character arc too spontaneous without any build up.
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Old 2013-10-06, 11:03   Link #45
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2013
What happened to the animation? Did J.C. Staff just take most of their budget and shove it into Refrain!? That would explain Golden Time's animation . Though I doubt that's really the case.

I liked the new opening and ending, but I don't think there quite as catchy as Little Busters! Or Alicemagic. One of their strong points is definitely the visuals. Though the ending being still scenes is probably a result of the animation in this episode...

Now, while I ordinarily would complain about the lack of romance and how its impacted arcs, this episode had some suggestive imagery between Kurugaya and Riki that leads me to believe they'll at least be something there. That, and the opening having a Riki and Rin scene has me hopeful that there'll be some actual serious romance this time around.

All in all though, an entertaining and enjoyable return by Little Busters!

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Old 2013-10-06, 11:24   Link #46
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
meh only 3 episodes for anego,shame on you JC
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Old 2013-10-06, 12:19   Link #47
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Good to see that this season jumped straight into the arc.

Go Anego, show those bullies their place!
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Old 2013-10-06, 13:27   Link #48
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Age: 35
This is a reference to some earlier posts in the thread, but since it's been six months let me just remind everyone that *all* comparisons to the game (and replies to said comparisons) must be in properly-labelled spoiler tags, and that and and all comments that hint about future developments are completely forbidden whether behind spoiler tags or not.

If you're a game player and want to speculate about future anime content, please use the Spoiler & Speculation thread.
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Old 2013-10-06, 17:59   Link #49
Join Date: Nov 2007
Originally Posted by Yye1 View Post
The Clannad phenomenon is starting to happen all over again...people who thought the first season was OK but is blown away by the second season
Well, the OP was really nice, but the first half's gags were still awkward, and the second half's drama was still lacking, still not absorbing me into the story. But it's great to see the characters again.

Also that's kind of insulting to Clannad S1, haha.

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Old 2013-10-06, 18:52   Link #50
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Join Date: Oct 2012
There are two more episode left for Kurugaya's route just in case anyone needs to know. I say this because I've seen people think this episode was it, but it isn't. Just want to make sure.

EDIT: No matter how many times I replay the scene where Kengo and Masato did that little dance, Haruka with that trumpet, Kyousuke with the guitar and his choking and Rin saying they are all idiots, I always laugh out loud.
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Old 2013-10-07, 02:10   Link #51
Call me Anego!~
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why does this have to be out 1 day before my exams :/

Loved the first episode!

Positive points (in my opinions!):
-. They managed to keep the story to make sense although it was rushed.
-. The improvisations on the cover-up for the door was time efficient and emphasized on the friendship element!
-. Hinted nicely towards the next episodes and grew the plot! (the deja vu and "sightings" Riki has)
-. Art is better compared to season 1!
-. Pancakes! nuff said!

Negative Points (also in my opinions):
-. like some may have mentioned, the mood swings are too drastic... it would have been nice to start off with an episode of comedy and then enter the main story in the next episode
-. I agree with Klashikari here about Kurugaya's arc being too spontaneous without any build up. it would be good to have at least 1 episode to introduce the elements before actually beginning the problems.
-. Haruka, Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo gets diabetes! poor them! >w<

it was a good idea to hold off Anego's arc after all...
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Old 2013-10-07, 05:36   Link #52
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Glad they kept Kyousuke praising Rin for the pancakes. I really do enjoy when they interact as siblings, really cute.

But damn, that OP.
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Old 2013-10-07, 07:42   Link #53
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Originally Posted by Chimuts View Post
-. Haruka, Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo gets diabetes! poor them! >w<
I actually didn't recognize Kyousuke there for a second the first time I saw it.

Originally Posted by Excorsism View Post
Glad they kept Kyousuke praising Rin for the pancakes. I really do enjoy when they interact as siblings, really cute.
Yeah, I wish they'd interact like that more often. It's so cute.
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Old 2013-10-07, 20:23   Link #54
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Originally Posted by Excorsism View Post
Glad they kept Kyousuke praising Rin for the pancakes. I really do enjoy when they interact as siblings, really cute.
I agree,sometimes in season 1 they didn't look like siblings
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Old 2013-10-08, 03:05   Link #55
a random Indonesian otaku
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Age: 26
anego is the best... hahaha

that angry moment... it's super scary
smashing door like a boss
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Old 2013-10-08, 21:41   Link #56
Call me Anego!~
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Originally Posted by taichi-kun View Post
I agree,sometimes in season 1 they didn't look like siblings
Originally Posted by Mentatsumi View Post
Yeah, I wish they'd interact like that more often. It's so cute.
Couldn't agree more with you two! XD although I guess it's partly Kyousuke to blame for being a bully?
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Old 2013-10-09, 05:04   Link #57
Voyager Witch
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You know what I liked about this episode? We got to see more of Kurugaya's badass and intellectual sides. I feel like season 1 exploited her as a bodacious pervert a little too much for my liking. There weren't nearly enough Riki & Kurugaya moments in season 1.
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Old 2013-10-14, 12:08   Link #58
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To start off with Little Busters Refrain, Yuiko tells Kana Hanazawa to fuck off (or at least stop associating with such terrible friends).

I was thinking I was watching something other than Little Busters when Yuiko got mad and then the annoying girl that was messing with Yuiko's unofficial brothers and sisters proceeded to go "what..." when Yuiko decided saying "what" wasn't part of a language she understands.

Japanese, Motherfucker! Do you speak it?

Guess they don't speak that in What either.

Well that didn't happen unfortunately, but it sure came close. Kinda funny how Yuiko maintains her typical calmness when so pissed, but apparently she can get pissed to. And then her friends show up to back her up. My personal favorite part of the episode was when the bullies were getting ever so desperate to bluff their way out. That part felt very natural with the course of such conflicts like that.

This was a great way to open up season 2, and I really couldn't have asked for anything else. It established everyone's friendship, and leading Kyousuke's typical broness to help those in need into Yuiko's own kind of caring shows an excellent narrative track.
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Old 2013-10-16, 08:26   Link #59
Marcus H.
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Pancakes, deja vus and smashed doors.

The improved quality is clear, but so is the sudden change of mood from a pancake feast to apprehending vengeful bullies who want to break down the Little Busters. At least they know that messing with Anego-sama is a baaaaaad idea.

Now now, what's Riki's feelings of vague reminiscence upon getting to the PA Room?
I'll soon find that out.

A decent 8/10 start for the series.
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