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Old 2006-01-25, 04:03   Link #21
cho~ kakkoii
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Originally Posted by ayyo
Whats your point? I didn't say they weren't. Yes they're popular, yes they're mainstream, yes they're milk cows.

And? Whats that got to do wth me saying the characters of those show have development problems?
The previous reply was to a specifically quoted portion of your post where you and couple of other posters didn't mention any of those "Other Problems" the shows like Naruto, DBZ, Pokemon have other than character-development. I was merely inventing some "problems" to fill the void left by the lack of explanation. Forgive me if my previous reply has given you one more thing to be irked about.
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thats true....the only exception I've seen is Hikaru no Go. That was the best anime ever! ITs so realistic (well except for those exaggerating go playing scenes) and all the characters age! you see hikaru as a 10 (correct me if im wrong with ages cuz i havent watch for long time) year old and age to like a 15 year old....
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