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Old 2013-10-21, 18:53   Link #1
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Strong male MC and....

I'm looking for anime/manga/web/novel where male MC is strong from the very beginning and
1) MC hides his powers(for some reasons) and people think that he is a weakling
2) MC does not hide his powers and likes to show-off

anime/manga/web/novel should be about martial arts or supernatural powers or both(no sports).
Also there shouldn't be any tsundere character who spoils MC's life

Please recommend something
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Old 2013-10-21, 21:13   Link #2
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Going with ones that fit #1 because that interests me.


Full Metal Panic is about martial arts / military arts / mech piloting. There is a tsundere character, but she doesn't spoil his life, in my opinion. She never holds him back, just whacks him with a paper fan after he acts silly. When he takes serious action, she's usually cooperating with him or being protected by him (he's her bodyguard). There are comic parts and serious parts, and there's not much tsun in the serious parts. It also has a novel series (you can skip the comedy better by going straight to the novels, because the comedy comes from side stories) which is fully translated but with practically unreadable translations for the last few volumes (last I checked).

Darker than Black has people think the protagonist is a friendly guy who just eats a lot of food. He's actually a secret agent with supernatural powers, and really strong/cool (BONES animates action well).

Hataraku Maou-sama just finished airing recently and could be worth a shot. The protagonist technically is restricted from using his powers (at least for the first couple of episodes) but he does have a huge amount of power, and the contrast with his weak "food service industry worker" image is the subject of much comedy. Uh... I guess there might be a tsundere character who sort of spoils his life (or rather, makes him look uncool, which is what I assume would really bother you). But she's funny and effectively an ally.

Manga (/manhwa)

The Breaker. It's popular and I suspect you've heard of it. Near the very beginning, the protagonist becomes super-strong for reasons that few know, and rapidly becomes even stronger while always being underestimated. Even into the sequel manhwa The Breaker New Waves when a lot of people know of his existence, he's still underestimated constantly and assumed to be weak, for reasons that would be a spoiler to mention.


Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei would work for you. In fact, it fits so well that I wouldn't be surprised if you created this thread because you wanted something like it. On the slim chance you haven't read it, you should. By the end of the first volume, you'll have seen many clear examples of how overpowered yet underestimated the MC is. It's a really good novel, some strong political statements but nothing that isn't consistent with the story's society as it functions within the author's imagination (cough).

Mushi-Uta is kind of like Darker than Black---it also has a strong protagonist who's a secret agent. If you watch the anime adaptation, you'll be spoiled to something big right from the start, but if you read the novel (the anime covers volume 1 and has some filler events) you'll be more surprised. Also, the setting changes in volume 2 and again in volume 3, so you continually have a fresh set of characters who don't know how strong the protagonist is. You'd have to read to see what I mean--I don't want to spoil.

Campione could work for you. The MC is really strong, but his secret is out to most of the characters he knows. A few girls who aren't in the known (like his sister and grandfather and idiot friend trio, and his cousin and childhood friend who show up volumes later) tend to think of him as just an irresponsible "womanizer" (although he has an outwardly calm personality so it doesn't seem to fit) and have no idea he's strong, so you might get the effect you want from that. Also, important to note, he actually can't use his powers freely, and he gets physically toyed with by the main girl every once in a while (but she's basically flirting with him all the time). Also, if you like "ecchi" stories you would like later volumes, the author can write prose about non-sexual things that sounds completely like erotica.

Note: With the exception of FMP and Mahouka, just about every story I recommend has the protagonist spending most of his time with people who do know about his powers, so you may want to prioritize those two. Also, only the anime that I mentioned are completed, but the rest are scanlated/translated up nearly the latest volume with the sole exception of Mushi-Uta.
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Old 2013-10-21, 21:19   Link #3
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Try Zetsuen no Tempest. Although I consider the lead more strong than powerful. The story is nice and rich and has very interesting characters.
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Old 2013-10-21, 21:36   Link #4
Cross Game - I need more
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1) Chrome Shelled Regios

2) Hmm... I would say Ranma 1/2.. except tsundere... although to be fair to Akane, her tsundere nature isn't any near the main problem of Ranma's life (that would be his idiot father and insane mother - worst anime parents ever). Actually Akane is one of the better things in Ranma's life, even with her violent tendencies.

Next I'd pick Full Metal Panic... except... tsundere... although to be fair to Chidori, Sousuke absolutely deserves it at times.

Yeah... when it comes to a strong male character who likes to show off, a tsundere love interest is pretty much standard. I guess you could go with Dragonball or Dragonball Z, although they technically have tsundere love interests they aren't onscreen much at all.

Oh wait! Katanagatari! How could I forget that one. Strong male character, no tsundere.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2013-10-22, 05:12   Link #5
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Thanks for suggestions
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Old 2013-10-22, 15:19   Link #6
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It's not an exact fit, but I'm going to recommend Suisei no Gargantia. The main character pilots a mecha, but he has a pretty strong personality of his own. It falls into the "fish-out-of-water" genre.
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