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Old 2006-02-28, 12:15   Link #101
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Heh. Obviously Dattebayo is far better, and I know that even though I don't even watch the show!

Seriously, the best idea is to download an episode or two from both and watch them, and then decide which one you like better. We're probably comparable in quality, but the styles are pretty different, so just take a look at both and see what you prefer.
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Old 2006-02-28, 16:14   Link #102
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Careful what I say now, eh?

Truth be told, Dattebayo is damn good for being speedy. And I often get my quick fix from you guys.

However, when it come to quality and what I'm actually putting on my DVD's...Lunar all the way. The slang might piss some off, but it adds to character and plot like you wouldn't believe. Gin, for God, his speech just makes his character eek out that creepiness.
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Old 2006-02-28, 17:19   Link #103
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I don't like the various comments and junk that Dattebayo put at the beginning of some episodes. Some of it seems pretty prejudiced or racist to me. I guess it's just jokes in bad taste, but I'm not a fan of it. The rest just seems like it has nothing to do with anime, and that's why I downloaded the fansub. To watch anime.

Having said that, their TL quality isn't terrible. There are a few times I've noticed what I thought was a mistake, but nothing that's going to spoil the episode for me that much... there are differences in the video and sound quality between a DB encode and a Lunar encode, but hey, it's a speedsub, video quality isn't why you'd watch it. It's never bad enough to make watching it a chore. Overall the only real difference between Dattebayo and Lunar is one of style. Lunar anime have made at least as many mistakes as Dattebayo have.
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Old 2006-03-01, 13:27   Link #104
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I think this thread should have a poll...
Anyway, I download Bleach from Dattebayo becuase of speedy, but I like Lunar that it have good and strong subs.
Oh way, I support Soluzar's opinion.
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