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Old 2013-10-24, 20:46   Link #141
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Primal Desires. Battle of Trost - Part 9

About five to six instances happened when the animation frames turned off or slowed down, which inconvenienced my viewing experience for this episode. Sadly, they happened which prevented me from grading the conclusion to the Battle of Trost with a perfect score.

In this arc I learned how the characters all experienced the primal sensation of fear.
- Fear of dying for nothing.
- Fear of dying to a an enemy or creatures hardly they do know.

They're humans and people and not voiceless pawns.

For what did they die?
- Did their deaths were meaningless?
- Did they refuse to die in vain?
- Did their deaths contribute the victory at Trost?

Hardly, I cannot answer, but I was witness how Armin, Mikasa, and Jean unexpectedly grew-up and survive in that onslaught of a hell.
- Mikasa has yet to overcome her complex towards protecting Eren and keeping him company, nonetheless, I found out that Mikasa just as is a hell of killer soldier she can also be open to realize the plight of the other people around her.
- Armin for most of the arc kept viewing less of himself as useless, yet even executing a plan based on pure assumptions his intellectual brilliance became as the soundly thing available to retake Trost.
- Jean, IMO, grew the most especially due to Marco being honest to tell him that Jean is down to earth and understands those who are weak. Believe me that I took it hard when Jean found with shock and distress Marco's corpse, dumbfounded as he'll never know the exact moment his first true friend died.

Victory was ensured thanks to the contributions of those who died for that goal, and those who survived to tell the tale. Nevertheless, the cost became high losing over 200 people between the Garrison and trainee and adding almost about 900 wounded.
Thus, makes one to wonder if what they achieved at Trost was it worth the sacrifices? Perhaps, someone in this story cares more than those fat pigs which delusionally believe they'll never witness the carnage, despair, and hell as the survivors did.
- I'm keeping my eyes on you, Military Police force. - You f***ing pigs doing nothing but feeling all high and mighty to take custody of the only link to unravel the mystery of the Titans, Eren Jäger.

Counting this episode, it's been four episodes in a row reminding the viewers not to miss track of what's inside the basement beneath Eren's former home at Zhiganshina.
Before he tries to embark on a quest to get there safely, Eren has other crucial priorities unknowingly imposed on him. His whole existence threatens to drastically alter the course of the status quo inside the walls. A tug of war will ensue between the Survey Corps vs the Military Police in the next episode. It'll be wolves vs pigs.
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Old 2013-10-25, 06:20   Link #142
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^ I like this dude, man. All his write-ups make sense and his interpretations resonate strongly with the tone of the series.
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