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Old 2013-07-20, 13:24   Link #121
Join Date: Oct 2007
Ryo was confusing garbage. LOL at the last shot:

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Old 2013-10-15, 00:36   Link #122
Utsuro no Hako
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2014 projects announced.

Looking at the staff list for Okii Ichinensei to Chiisana Ninensei, for a moment I thought it said "Shinichirou Wataname (Space Dandy)" but I guess the Space Brothers' Watanabe is reasonably skilled. The plot sounds like a cute Tezuka-style kids story, as does Paroru no Miraijima. The other two are high school stories, as though we need more of those, but Harmonie at least sounds promising.
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Old 2013-10-23, 08:44   Link #123
Warm Mist
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Paroru is easily the most interesting. Kameda doing designs, Studio Pablo doing art direction and background art, and the key visual looks the best. Different, appealing, refreshing.

The others could be good based on the staff, but the images don't really grab me. Looking forward to Ayumu Watanabe's short though.
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Old 2013-10-30, 14:13   Link #124
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What Little Witch Academia looks like, but the shipping is too much.

Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
Friendship, be made! Magical power, gather! Starlight Breaker.... this world!
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Old 2014-12-10, 04:56   Link #125
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A little late to the party, but:

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Death Billiards did have a Twilight Zone feel to it. I enjoyed it a lot, but the concept is a bit iffy and I'm not a fan of the ambiguous ending. It makes it harder to tell what the message or the moral is.

Spoiler for Ending:
Check the masks above the two elevator shafts. I think that's a pretty big hint on who ended up where.
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Old 2015-01-13, 08:20   Link #126
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looking for the blu ray

this is probably a cold trail by now, but i'm looking for the death billiards blu ray
is there anyway i could find a copy ?
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Old 2016-05-20, 12:54   Link #127
Beyond the Fringe
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I was quite surprised today when I watched episode 8 of Uchuu Patrol Luluco and there was what can only be described as a crossover appearance of Sucy, complete with the Sorcerer's Stone in its tower. Nice!
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