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Old 2006-09-22, 11:45   Link #61
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TMR and Tanaka Rie. Nami Tamaki was also great with SEED/early Destiny
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Old 2006-09-23, 11:46   Link #62
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Old 2006-09-23, 11:49   Link #63
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I think it's Utada Hikaru
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Old 2006-09-24, 10:50   Link #64
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Haha, you can tell the difference between the 2K4 posts and the 2K6 posts just due to the lack of Aya Hirano mentioning until late in the thread.

My personal favorite (as you can see with my screenname) is Nana Mizuki. Aya Hirano is my 2nd fave, and i'd have to say that Nana Inoue (just released her first solo single, also sings with the girl seiyuu band CLOVER) is working her way up on my list as well.

Mad props to Yui Horie and Sakura Nogawa as well, tho.
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Old 2006-09-29, 14:52   Link #65
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For me Hironobu Kageyama, the leader of JAM Project, by far far the best anime singer.
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Old 2006-10-16, 20:31   Link #66
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Aya Hirano, Kotoko and myco
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Old 2006-10-17, 11:47   Link #67
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KOTOKO and Kawada Mami. I simply enjoy their voices. Well, there's much electronic in their songs. That's why they get a bonus.
Shimamiya Eiko got also a nice voice, but I've only listened to the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OP so far. Tainaka Sachi is also a good artist, but I dislike her 3rd and current single. I'm looking forward to her first album, even if I don't know, if she'll produce one. She might become a one day fly, who knows... I don't know about her popularity in japan.

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Old 2006-10-17, 12:56   Link #68
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Old 2006-10-17, 15:46   Link #69
mao de makai
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Utada Hikaru or maybe UNDO

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Old 2006-10-17, 16:16   Link #70
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Best singer?????? As if there could be "one". It really depends on the type of song being sung. I assume we're talking about VAs who sing?

I find Chiwa Saito absolutely hysterical in her singing of satirical and parody tunes (Pani Poni Dash, etc). Such a great little voice.

Aya Hirano's work in SHnY was very good (as was Gotou's).

Lia's vocals in AIR were stunning but I find her pop tunes liquify my brain in a bad way (waste of potential talent, here you've got multiple octave capability so we'll just have you say, ooh baby until the listener gives the location of the WMDs). Only peripherally an anime singer.

KOTOKO's long version of the Tweeny Witches theme was boppy nice (powerful voice out of a tiny package) but she's only peripherally an "anime singer" as well.

Meh, if I think of something I'll edit.
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Old 2006-10-18, 17:25   Link #71
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but is tenimyu
and he's just an actor xD
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Old 2013-09-03, 18:44   Link #72
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Talking Pupface1

Megumi Yamamoto from SPECIAL A!
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Old 2013-09-15, 11:44   Link #73
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Lia is pretty good - Haven't disliked a song with her singing.
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Old 2013-09-20, 08:37   Link #74
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Aya Hirano, Ami Tokito, Kaela Kimura, Hatsune Miku, and Tommy Heavenly
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Old 2013-09-22, 04:56   Link #75
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I've been through several of these singers as they've done openings and endings that I really, really liked. "Oh, such and such is da beeest!" It's been a few years since I changed camps though.

Remember ChouCho? She sang the opening for Kamisama no Memochou, and prior she was known for Vocaloid covers (which are great, by the way). She also did Hyouka's opening and more recently the ending for Suisei no Gargantia. Not only is her voice very lovely, but she does such a great job on a more technical level. Even her covers are so superbly done, which says a lot considering she's covering robots.
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Old 2013-09-22, 14:04   Link #76
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Old 2013-10-31, 09:59   Link #77
Filia Nox
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This is kinda hard. Every anime that I've watched features different songs sang by different singers >.< .

Here's the thing, for normal Jpop, I like Utada Hikaru and AKB48. But I guess, for anime...I like the anime songs itself....doesn't matter who sang it. They all sing it so well. But if I really have to pick some choice, then I would say....L'Arc-En-Ciel, UVERworld, Ikimonogakari, Kalafina, Yoko Hikasa, Haruka Tomatsu, On/Off, Egoist and many many more lol...
あつめる しの (Atsumeru Shino)
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Old 2013-12-05, 09:29   Link #78
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Lately Yanagi Nagi is scoring pretty high in my book, getting close to the likes of KOKIA, YUUKA (Kalafina/FictionJunction), etc. Her music is just very pleasing to my ears and feels fresh, while my taste in other sounds seems to be wearing out.

ChouCho was kind of rising in my ranking, but seems to have stopped well short of a notable position, comparable to AKINO in my standings. Annabel hasn't really been making a mark on my radar, but so far I like what little of her stuff I've heard and is rivaling Yanagi Nagi for shaking up the top spots, to the point I feel my rankings are outdated. Need more than a few good songs to really make an impression on me though.

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Old 2013-12-05, 12:40   Link #79
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Should put in a "vote" for Ceui. Absolutely love her work.

Lia is also quite good imo....
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Old 2013-12-05, 13:08   Link #80
Kyero Fox
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