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Old 2011-11-03, 00:55   Link #61
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Macross 7, Episode 21, ~11:15
Akiko has been "possessed" by Sivil, which leads up to this gem:

Akiko: Basara? What's wrong?
Basara: Akiko, you're stepping on my hot dog.
Akiko: Eh?!
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Old 2011-11-03, 03:10   Link #62
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The fateful last words (0,1:45:49.96):

Alto: Ranka, I’m sorry I can’t return your feelings... But thank you.
Ranka now had that pained look on her face. Alto then turns his attention to Sheryl.
Alto: Sheryl, this might be late, but I... (finished by the songs "love you")
Sheryl: Alto!

At the same time the beams hit the Vajra Queen, Sheryl passes out and collapses. Ranka runs to get hold of Sheryl as she goes down...
Ranka: Sheryl! Sheryl!
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Old 2011-11-03, 09:36   Link #63
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I'll just start with Frontier. I'm going to have to watch everything again just to remember all my favorite lines.

Sheryl: "And what's with that lame outfit anyway?"
Alto: "As if you're in any position to complain wearing THAT."
Sheryl: "It's called marketing. My chest isn't the same as yours. Mine gives people hopes and dreams."

Of all three of them, Sheryl really is the pervert. Just look at that blushing smile she gives Alto right before she slaps him in Ep 3.

Sheryl: "You should be grateful. I don't do this kind of service very often."

And favorite scenes...

- Sheryl attempting to fly Mikhail's VF-25G and failing epicly. Hilarious.
- Brera's introduction in the first movie when he goes to recover Sheryl after the first battle. Also hilarious.
- Sheryl wandering the streets in the rain in episode 18. It always struck me as a very powerful scene with all the visual metaphors of Sheryl's life basically being over and ended in stark contrast to her at the beginning of the series.
- Ranka visiting Sheryl in prison. This was probably the single most powerful Sheryl and Ranka scene of all of them. It showed sides of both of them that each of them rarely saw.
- Pretty much every Alto VS Brera dogfight.
- Sheryl hiring SMS.

Oh, and this gem from Macross 7, paraphrased:

Max: "Hmm, it's about time for them to attack again. Target that location and fire the Macross Cannon."
Bridge Bunnies: "But sir, there's nothing there at all, it's just empty space."
Max: "Eh, just do it."
Bridge Bunnies: "Ooooookaaaay."
*Macross cannon fires, enemy fleet defolds exactly where Max expected and is instantly vaporized.*
Max: *nods* "Just as planned."
Episode Ends. Max is a master of Genre Saavy.

Oh! And the scene from near the end of Macross 7 where Gavil finally defeats Gamlin by resorting to a cheap ramming trick and floats there all smug in his invulnerability. The way that scene was done was awesome, with how it kept cutting back to Gavil's ridiculously smug face in between each character's reaction. All the more evil because Gamlin looked to be quite, quite dead. And it was an unheroic and ultimately cheap death, given Gamlin was obviously the better pilot proven time and again by his weekly slaughtering of Gavil's latest mecha ("Haha! Now see my vastly improved new version!" *Gamlin kills it the same way he killed every other one. Complete with reused footage* "DAMMIT! WHY DO I ALWAYS FALL FOR THAT?!").

I still don't know how Gamlin survived that.

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Old 2011-11-04, 20:20   Link #64
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Sheryl: "Don't you get it? If I die, it should be on stage!"
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Old 2013-11-08, 12:13   Link #65
Tasuke Shichiri
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Old 2016-01-31, 16:18   Link #66
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I don't quite know where to post this, but seeing as the first battle scene in DYRL remain one of my favorites, I will post it here.

So, with Independence Day: Resurgence within about 4 months of release, I went back and re-watched the original Independence Day (1996), then I noticed a sense of familiarity... (Skip to about 43 seconds for DYRL and 20 seconds into Independence Day then play. You'll see):

Compare and contrast.

- Tak

"Gemeinsam erfolgreich in Europa", Angela Merkel

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