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Originally Posted by Whitemoon648 View Post
By the definition of celestial dragons technically yes.

Celestial dragons are the descendant of the 20 families that formed World government after ( probably) defeating that unknown kingdom.

19 families left for that new place but Nefertari's didn't.

This could also explain how King nefertari knew about what was on the stone writings.
Couldn't it be possible that then Nefertari family never left because they knew who might the people of alabasta would have elected in their placed? Fearing that something bad would had happened?
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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
I think what grey_1960 mean is the present of the big guy, like the present of Admiral and CPO in the scene right now, may could influence the story or could add a bigger plot in the story.

In that case, Alabasta had Smoker and Tashigi's involvement, or I assume they aren't counted due to their (at the time) lower ranks? I mean, at least they actively tried to stop the war, as well.....

Anyway, the spoiler summary came out, so it's the usual deal!
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