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Old 2006-03-05, 13:23   Link #1
Rewrite of the Life
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Canada
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Lagging Problem (laptop)

I'm using a laptop and I have download the FFD codec pack. I have media player classic. For some odd reason all the aime is still playing with lag. The picture moves slower than the sound or the subtitles delay the picture.

I'm unsure if it is somthing I can do or if it is the laptop. the info for the lap top is:

Intel Pentium 3 processor
551 MHz 256 MB of RAM

mediaplayer classic:


(also if possible can someopne tell me what the battery life is like how many hours estimation?)

let me know if you need more info.
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Old 2006-03-05, 13:50   Link #2
Doremi-fansubs founder
Join Date: Mar 2004
Um, a Pentium III should be decent enough to run almost all anime (except for the H.264 encodes). Try uninstalling all your codecs and install CCCP (if you're using WinXP). If you're not using WinXP, uninstall the FFdshow version (that one is seriously outdated and install the last stable build for Win9x versions, which is the 20041012 version.

If codecs still lag, try using Mplayer for windows. It's a command line player that uses the least system resources and will frameskip a little to compensate for lag.

As for battery life, look in the product manual. It should tell you there.

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Old 2006-03-05, 13:55   Link #3
Rewrite of the Life
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Canada
Age: 31
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Where do I go about getting CCCP?

I'm using XP ^-^ btw
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Old 2006-03-05, 14:40   Link #4
Love Yourself
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Location: Northeast USA
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551 MHz Pentium III can play most files fine, but you'll need to do a few tweaks to keep it synchronized. This is especially true if you're a heavy multitasker, and have a fair bit of stuff running in the background while you watch your stuff. Here's a method I used on my 550 MHz Pentium III, and even my 1.2 GHz Athlon while multitasking:

What we're going to do is boost the process priority of your media player, which means that your processor will divert more attention to your player. I'll give you the instructions in step-wise form:

1) Enter the task manager (alt+ctrl+del).
2) Go to your media player's process. You can do this easily by going to the Applications tab, finding your media player, right clicking it, and clicking "Go to Process" (should be at the bottom of that menu).
3) You should now be under the Processes tab, with a process highlighted. This is your media player. Right click the highlighted process, go to "Set Priority" and select "Above Normal" - now try playing back your video. Ideally, all synchronization issues should be resolved.

Note that if you close your media player and reopen it, Windows will have set the process priority back to "Normal" and you will need to set the process again (note that if you know the process name, you can simply go to the Processes tab and find it there. To find it even quicker, click on any process, and then press the letter of the beginning of your media player's process name to jump between processes beginning with that letter to make finding it easier). Also, if this method doesn't work, DO NOT try setting the process to "High" or "Realtime" - this won't provide any benefit, and will only make your system slow down and unresponsive.

If this method does work for you and you get tired of setting the process priority, note that certain media players (BSPlayer and VLC, possibly others) have a setting within their options that allows you to set the player's process priority. This way, you won't need to worry about setting the process priority through the Task Manager whenever you want to watch videos - just open your media player, it'll set the process priority automatically, and you're good to go.


As to the battery life, that depends not only on your processor, but on the rest of your chipset. Wireless card and networking card, graphics controller, hard drive, etc. as well as the status of the battery itself. If yours is an older system, under light usage you'd probably run at the lower end of two hours maximum. But that's a very rough estimation made without knowing what's in your computer.
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Old 2006-03-05, 21:17   Link #5
Rewrite of the Life
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Canada
Age: 31
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OT:Thanks ElvenPath ^-^
I tried the changing the priority to "above normal" it didn't work

edit: UPDATE

I d/l the CCP and it worked perfect thank you sooo much

and thank you Legem too ^-^

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