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Old 2013-11-26, 12:38   Link #41
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Chifuyu in IS when she came to the rescue of the abducted Ichika had exactly the same hairstyle. And that hair isn't let down, it is tied in a ponytail.
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Old 2013-11-29, 06:27   Link #42
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Originally Posted by zibi88 View Post
Dont forget that this happened in past that we did not see... so between 1-6years so who knows what kind of hair style tabane had that time... besides im basing more on the hari color... the red one has more of a violet color which suits tabane more (houki has black hair)

in the very same ep we saw tabane with short hair... this might be her long hair but the shadows and IS can make it look different (like we dont see madokas hair style in her helmet)... and current hair is very long and messy so seriously it could be anyone (and I guess chifuyu too can change hairstyle from time to time... maybe she changes in real fight so it wouldnt get in the way)

the pic... well akatsubaki has a little different shoulder armors.... hmmm maybe this is houki remembering some training time she got from Chifuyu in free time ?

I mean maybe the last time houki messed up and it almost killed ichika... so chifuyu in secret was training houki in swordsmanship (in dark) so she could get better (going from C to S in short time thx to chifuyus guideance) the same to make houki be able to protect ichika in need

maybe tatenashi was training ichika so chifuyu in free time showed houki few moves... the animators messed up a bit with the pic.
lol r u srs

idk, but Tabane doesn't have that hairstyle (heck we don't even know if Tabane actually has an IS, she can wield them, yeah, but definitely not a non-existent Akatsubaki).

also iirc episode 5 (or was it 6?) had a scene where Madoka deploys her IS (the one before she shoots Ichika). I think you should be able to tell the obvious lack of a ponytail (clothing can change immediately, but hairstyle? really? that's just stretching it, even for IS logic)
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