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Old 2006-03-07, 13:34   Link #1
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school project help -- having trouble matching the tracks to the images

Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting, even though I've been around for a while. Nice to meet you all!

I'm working on a project for school. I won't go into all the gory details, but basically, I need to match some anime images (mainly people and monsters) to music (the more the better). Some shows have been easy--for Fruits Basket, I put Kyo with On the Stage and Yuki with Secret. Air Master was even easier because a lot of characters have actual character songs that go with them.

Some shows have been impossible though! I've been working on Basilisk--all the music sounds the same to me. It's a shame because I love the art in Basilisk and really want to be able to use some of the images for my project. Cromartie and Ikki Tousen were really hard also.

So--if anyone knows any show (any show!) especially well, and knows what music goes with what scene/character, etc.--I'd really appreciate a little help. I'm not asking to be sent images or music or anything, I'm just hoping that some people would be willing to give me the ep # and the name of the track.... I've already spent so much time rewatching scenes and am starting to feel a little discouraged... ;_;

thanks for reading this far regardless!
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Old 2006-03-07, 15:08   Link #2
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Green Green has character DVDs and character music videos - that might help you out. Also, I'm sure that Negima with its numerous girls has character image songs.
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Old 2006-03-07, 15:14   Link #3
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yeah, the Negima character CDs are pretty thorough -- album jacket cover -- 2nd track is their character song. I only have a few though, so you might have to chunk around for album covers and music file samples.

I'm at work ... don't have access to the jackets I have to scan for you for a while.
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