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Old 2013-07-23, 02:56   Link #2241
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Huh, I thought someone was doing it, guess they gave up or got bored, maybe one day I'll learn how to use videos like that
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Old 2013-08-24, 07:47   Link #2242
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Originally Posted by GundamAce View Post
Cool, though I'd like a BG patch instead (although several locations were replaced and some were removed altogether, I still would like a BG patch of the places that were redone- I thought the 360 BGs were pretty cool.
LOL. I remember doing just that! I gave up when I realized I lack the skills to insert the BGs to the actual game.

So, ashamed of not suceeding anything, I just replaced the movies files with their XBOX counterparts instead.
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Old 2013-09-09, 03:41   Link #2243
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I find this link kinda clears most of things up, but there still this thing that bother me.

Spoiler for :

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Old 2013-09-09, 17:39   Link #2244
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Spoiler for fiiiiine:

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Old 2013-09-09, 23:03   Link #2245
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Please use spoiler tags, in case anybody who hasn't read Ever17 yet decides to read the thread.

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Old 2013-10-20, 08:13   Link #2246
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This is a warning for those running this game on windows 8.

Do not upgrade to windows 8.1 as it breaks the game completely (you can get the pre-start menu, but once you click the start button it crashes straight away).
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Old 2014-10-17, 08:45   Link #2249
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360 BGM Patch

Hi, I've been wanting to get into this game for a while to tide myself over until I get a New 3DS (to play VLR on). I have managed to find the typo (and spoiler) patch, and also the 360 BGM and Voice/SFX patches. I have a few questions however... Do the 360 patches work on the English version of the game? Or do they require the Japanese premium version? Also, is it a good idea for a first time player to play with the 360 BGM, or will the PS2 BGMs fit better with the original. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I didn't know where else to ask...
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visual novel

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