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Old 2013-12-31, 06:09   Link #1
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What are your memoralbe moments of 2013?

Here's something I gave a good thought about, which I've actually been doing it for years at the last week of the very year. I think about my most memorable moments of the year, whether they are good or bad. Usually good, sometimes bad, or sometimes in between. I thought I'd go ahead and post my top 10 most memorable moments of 2013.

1. *THIS* song got stuck in my head for a good part of the first half of 2013! Whether I was at work, or at home, I couldn't stop humming this song so much, I almost memorized the entire lyrics!

2. Around April my brother upgraded our PC Gaming rig, after using it since 2007. It was seriously showing it's age and I had suspected that Next gen consoles would be released this year. Before they were announced.

3. Our 18 year old cat, Sassy, passed away. long haired orange cat, we unfortunately never did determine her species. We always thought she was maybe Persian, but were never completely sure. Since 2006 she stayed with my sister, who took care of her. We were saddened with her passing away, but I am grateful that she at least lived so long.

4. Oh boy, was I (and many, many others) shocked and surprised with that meteor landing in Russia. Dubbed "The Chelyabinsk meteor", I spent days looking up videos of the meteor (and the destruction it caused), watching & reading interviews with scientists and the people who were on the ground in regards to it, and coming across many internet memes and jokes in regards to the meteor.

5. I guess this doesn't qualify as one significant "moment", but on a near daily basis I looked up news in regards to the new Sailor Moon series. 2013 is almost over and we still know very little.....

6. I was surprised (but also not really surprised) to hear about the announced SteamOS, as there had been rumors (for a couple of years) that Valve were developing their own OS. Especially after members of Valve were quite vocal on their dislike for Windows 8. I'm still not exactly confident on exactly how Valve will be able to get Hardware Manufacturers and Software developers to support it. But Valve have also never been known to push forward a plan they didn't think would work.

7. A week before Christmas, dad had gotten word that his older brother in Greece passed away. With both of his brothers gone now, and both his parents, dad is the only one left from his old household. He did his best to hide it from us (and to keep from falling apart in front of us) but I could tell this really bothered him alot. He seems ok now, but being the only person left in your old household can be a heavy burden on your shoulders.

8. This was a *MASSIVE* wake up call for me in regards to my health. During a visit to a specialist (for my nasal allergies) the doctors had taken my blood pressure......only to discover that it was dangerously high. I don't remember what the low number was, but the high number was 200. Yeah, the doctor had trouble picking his jaw off from the ground. So I did some work to try to get my weight down, and since my visit at the doctor's office I've lost around 25 pounds. I'm having some trouble going below 210 pounds at the moment.
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Old 2013-12-31, 17:39   Link #2
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Sorry to hear about your cat...

1. When my driving examiner told me I passed my exam.

2. When I found out I passed my accountancy exams.

3. I burst out laughing during a mock job interview.
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