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That was really good; I liked the atmosphere of desolation and fatigue. Not only has whatever been happening draining them of energy, they are no longer the energetic friends that have had good times together, almost like strangers in a world that is cold and seemingly falling apart. But Riki wants those memories back and we'll have to see how strong is resolve is. It seems like the world is resetting like it was before a few episodes back and it also feels like everyone is getting weaker and weaker, and so is the world itself. I'm starting to think if Riki doesn't figure it out soon, they may not have many more chances, given Kyousuke's despair.
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Marcus H.
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At first I was confused as most anime-only viewers, until I remembered "Heeeeey! Kyousuke has returned!!" from Episode 1 of Season 1 and the entirety of Kurugaya's story arc.

So basically, Kyousuke made it through the game, but got the bad end. And Riki and Rin are forced to struggle with "a world without Little Busters", although this time Rin is in a worse state than before and the original gang has lost their light. (This also explains why Komari is nowhere in sight, since she didn't involve herself with the gang until much later.) Fortunately, it was Riki who ends up taking up the role of Kyousuke. On the other hand, going through the path of Kyousuke was something distasteful to Kengo (who probably still has the memory of the CALLED GAME of the previous episode).

With the "refrain" now playing, what would Riki do now?
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