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View Poll Results: Little Busters ~Refrain~ - Episode 8 Rating
Perfect 10 5 14.29%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 16 45.71%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 8 22.86%
7 out of 10 : Good 5 14.29%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 2.86%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2013-11-24, 20:45   Link #21
Rewrite of the Life
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OH hell ya they finally used the best bgm (Why the hell didn't they use earlier o_0?) Did wonders to set the mood. I thought for a very slim moment they were going to leave out the duplicate Masatos. I'm glad they didn't or else it wouldn't make any sense.

As with what was said above, I also had mixed emotions in the VN version. At times I was confused and than other times I was amused. It wasn't until the end where you understand how only Kyousuke was able to understand him. Though, the VN I felt presented it a bit better.
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Old 2013-11-25, 17:01   Link #22
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I launch the episode.
I immediately hear "A world where nothing happened".
Life is complete.
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Old 2013-11-25, 19:40   Link #23
Blick Winkel
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Yeah, was really happy they used that BGM. Masato's arc wouldn't have been right if they didn't use it >.>;;

Pretty good adaptation though, especially given that they only had one episode to do it! Worried about how they'll do the next episode though...
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Old 2013-11-30, 15:00   Link #24
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So, whatcha gonna do, when Masatomania runs wild on you?

Obscure 80's references aside, Masato has succrumbed to roid rage and it'll take more than the power of friendship to solve him. So apparently his will was to be defeated because he is living in a world of cardboard. Also, why didn't he just take off the jacket?

The funniest part was when Rin jumped off to attack Masato and suddenly Riki gets enhanced animation powers to channel Kyousuke and hopefully succeed him. But a bigger challenge lies ahead.
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Old 2013-12-07, 22:17   Link #25
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Haven't been on for a while, but anyway... The whole jacket deal hadn't hit me in the VN, perhaps all clothing layers were glued together? Oh well.

This episode was easily one of my favourites from this series thus so far and it was pretty well-handled to my liking. Now left to see if they'll handle the remaining episodes for the season just as well (and A World Where Nothing Happened needs special mention. So happy). Though I can't really understand why someone'd ever bully Masato for dancing in such a cute way even if it was pretty random, lol.
Ao no Exorcist
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Old 2013-12-10, 15:17   Link #26
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A video that replaced the anime voices and OST with the VN voices and OST. You guys be the judge...

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Old 2013-12-30, 19:54   Link #27
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Umm... why exactly did Masato suddenly go crazy? I thought it was all part of a plan but he actually went mad for real.

Also I don't fully understand why are they trying to repeat events from their childhood? What's the point?

Besides the statue thing was over done. Masato could have just taken his jacket off.
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Old 2014-01-08, 02:12   Link #28
Marcus H.
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Muscles, the strongest and looking back.

Well, that part with Masato going crazy was all kinds of weird. I can't explain it using the anime either. Anyway, this episode does show the past behind Kyousuke and Masato pre-Little Busters, and shows how much Kyousuke has affected Riki as well. Of course, simply relying on Kyousuke wouldn't help Riki and Rin all the time.

Now, for Kengo's turn!
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