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Old 2014-01-27, 07:28   Link #1
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Question New to anime but still hesitant

Gaijin here looking for suggestions (please be nice).
Being as ignorant as I am I thought I would come to the source of all knowledge on anime.

I know it is shameful but my only solid experience with anime is both Fullmetal Alchemist series (which I absolutely loved, more gore the better) and Attack on Titan which could have been so much more and I think I'd be most comfortable with this kind of style, maybe with more artistic elements.
I am looking for action, preferably realistic, some deep drama and a solid story. Would rather it have more samurai.

I have been suggested to watch soul eater or bleach but I'm a bit hesitant as I'm such a noob who is very particular. Would prefer less magic and more mecha but not mechas. For me, Naruto is "cheesy" and shallow and I would much prefer to watch something like Afro-Samurai.

Also is Planetes any good? Hopefully it's not too westernized. I know I'm probably offending people but I'm looking for something more extreme/confrontational than American cartoons but without all the Japanese "cliche relationship revelations"
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Old 2014-01-27, 08:20   Link #2
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Well, I would suggest Samurai Champloo and Higashi no Eden. Both of them are ones I generally suggest to people who aren't "into" anime but want to want some type of anime. They also fit your preferred genres. The two shows I suggested do seem a little realistic and offer a good amount of action/good story.
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Old 2014-01-27, 09:03   Link #3
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I'll recommend Black Lagoon. Its roots come more from Westerrn action films than most shows I've watched. Three of the four main characters are Americans, though they all speak Japanese on the original soundtrack, of course. The show is anthology of short story arcs.

One other show you might enjoy is Baccano!, a story about gangsters and immortals set in Prohibition America. The first episode starts slowly, but it gets better quickly.

Both these shows are streamed by their American licensor, Funimation. They restrict the number of available dubbed episodes they license to Hulu to four, but they show all the episodes with subtitles.

If you are interested in a longer, more serious story, you could give Monster a try. It's not very gory, though, but once it gets going it is very compelling. It's set in Germany and the former Soviet "satellite" countries soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. American distributor VIZ recently lost the license to Monster so it's not legally available at the moment. There are fansubs, of course.

I don't think Planetes is going to be especially satisfying given what you're looking for. It focuses more on the characters and their interactions. The plot takes second place in this show if I recall correctly. I enjoyed Planetes and own the DVDs; it just doesn't fit your broader request.

Finally I'll toss out two other shows that might catch your fancy. One is Shin Sekai Yori, a science-fiction story set in the far future about humans who possess telekinetic powers and the development of social institutions to manage those powers. The other is the hilariously crazy Kill la Kill. Both of these are legally streamed at Crunchyroll. The first of these is on its way to winning the Best Series award in our annual Choice Awards. Nearly every episode of Kill la Kill includes over-the-top battles, explosions, and a healthy dose of sexual fanservice.

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Old 2014-01-27, 11:16   Link #4
Cross Game - I need more
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I'll give you a few clips to look at.
From what you describe wanting my first suggestion would be:

Katanagatari Samurai, action, drama, and a bit of artistry.

Others I'd suggest:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Mirai Nikki
Full Metal Panic which has a good dub
Soul Eater
Inuyasha Another with a good dub
Tiger & Bunny Lethal Weapon crossed with X-Men
Shakugan no Shana
Chrono Crusade
Chrome Shelled Regios

You can also check out the winners of previous AnimeSuki Choice Awards:

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Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2014-01-27, 19:39   Link #5
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Samurai Champloo and Sword of A stranger are a must for you if you are after Samurais.

When it comes to FMA, first 2 titles to come to mind are Hunter x Hunter and Magi. Both series seem childish at first but just like FMA get more intense.
Then there is also Zetsuen no Tempest. You could also try out D.Gary Man.

Now if you want something more gory/dark/serious, I would suggest the following:

Berserk - set in knight era, great story, nice action, gory and simply memorable.

Claymore - knight era where demons attack humans and to stop them special warriors were created - Claymores (females). Gory, nice action, story and just nice and unique animation.

Baccano! - gun/fist/knife action. Set in like 1930s something.

Ga-Rei Zero - Will you kill the one you love because of love? That's the main theme of the series. Secret organization fights demons but things go pretty wrong for main cast.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - the most realistic of all since there are no supernatural elements, pure gun action. A young man gets captured and brainwashed, left with no memory of his previous life. He is given a choice: Die or kill. Choosing kill option he gets coached by the best assassin known Phantom and ends up working for underground organization Inferno.

Fate/Stay Night and especially its prequel Fate/Zero - Even though Fate/Zero is prequel it still would be better to start with F/SN otherwise you'll kill most of the joy from it. But if you are impatient and what get straight to good stuff then Fate/Zero it is. Story is about a tournament for magical grail that grants wishes. Several magicians are chosen and each one can summon a servant to help them. Servants are none other but famous people/characters like lets say Jeanne d'Arc. Fate/Zero has better story and characters as well as better execution what makes it much better than F/SN.

Mirai Nikki - not the best thing ever but has a pretty entertaining story with some nice characters and action. Worth giving a try.

Psycho-Pass - future where it is possible to measure someone's state of mind and tell if they have tendency to break a law. The right punishment will be given.
Series focus on a police force that is fighting with this type of criminals. However, is the scheme really that perfect?

Seirei no Moribito - slightly different, series are based in old age where female bodyguard Balsa is forced to protect young prince Chagum who is wanted dead by his own father, Emperor. Nice action, some nice drama and simply entertaining and quiet in depth story with several fantasy elements. Has sword action or more like spear VS sword.

Shinsekai yori - now this are very unique series and take some time to get used to but the further story goes the darker secrets we discover. Set in far future where humans learned to use psychokinesis. What did it lead to?

I think that's enough for now. Once you watch some of them, more suggestions can be made^^
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Old 2014-01-28, 01:30   Link #6
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Wow, I'd just like to say that I'm extremely grateful for all of your suggestions. This has been one of my most positive forum experiences and I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to help out someone like me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must delve into the world of anime. See you in a few weeks.
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Old 2014-01-28, 21:23   Link #7
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I highly recommend welcome to the NHk since u said

I am looking for action, preferably realistic, some deep drama and a solid story. Would rather it have more samurai.

If u end loving the show you'll probably finish it in 5 days max
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Old 2014-02-03, 13:15   Link #8
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Sounds a lot like my sentiments when I first started watching anime, except I started with Naruto and fell in love with the cheesiness. When I was current with the anime, I wanted more ninja and samurai stuff with good action and story, so I feel like I can recommend you a few shows that you will really enjoy. Keep in mind FMA is of a shounen demographic (for teenagers 13+), and some of the shows im recommending are more mature in content and may be less 'fun' than FMA.

Here are a few shows I would recommend:

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal/Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen - a 4 episode OVA that very realistically depicts a young and innocent samurai's journey through the Bakumatsu era in Japanese history. Lots of realism through harsh reality, betrayal, and emotional conditions. I assert that this is the best samurai anime you can get. The show is an offshoot of the more shounen main series, which isnt nearly as good, but worth checking out since it is samurai battle based.

Berserk - medieval war with lots of fighting, great character progression, and a dynamic plot. The anime series is better than the OVA counterpart, but keep in mind that the show ends suddenly due to lack of funding. The manga is extremely long and ongoing, so if you are craving more than you can always read.

Code Geass - This show does feature mecha, but it is liked my mech fans and non-mech fans alike. Lots of high quality animated action, emotionally charged characters, and a good rebellious plot. Highly recommended.

Gungrave - Warning about this show, skip the first episode since it is very misleading. Otherwise it is a really good mafia-type show with great characters and a few dramatic plot twists.

Kingdom - A very addicting show about the Warring States Period of ancient China with an epic storyline and lots of fighting (emphasis on sword fighting).

Samurai Champloo - It has been recommended already, and for good reason. If you want samurai anime with style this is it. The battles are well choreographed and it is overall an entertaining watch for any samurai fan. Just beware that there isnt much linear plot progression and that most conflicts resolve themselves within a few episodes. Their is an overarching plot, but it isnt the primary focus of the show.

Basilisk - This one is about a ninja rivalry between two opposing clans. Lots of action, gore, and violence. Not much story depth, but it does have some character drama and its share of emotional deaths.

As for a few of the other recs you gave, you would probably enjoy Bleach quite a bit, but just be aware that the show is eventually ruined with slow pacing and irrelevant filler arcs. It is good for the first 60 or 70 some-odd episodes, and then the filler begins. Soul Eater has a strong start, but is actually pretty cheesy and lame. Black Lagoon, Sword of a Stranger, and possibly Hunter x Hunter and Magi are also some good suggestions you may enjoy.

Planetes is a fantastic and realistic space anime, but it has no action at all and is very character based. I agree with SeijiSensei that the show doesnt really fit your search, but is highly enjoyable if you like Arthur Clarke type space fiction.

Originally Posted by xxanimefan4_ever View Post
I highly recommend welcome to the NHk since u said

I am looking for action, preferably realistic, some deep drama and a solid story. Would rather it have more samurai.

If u end loving the show you'll probably finish it in 5 days max
While I love this show to death, it really isn't the best rec for the uninitiated, especially someone who is looking for a solid action show.
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Old 2014-02-16, 00:07   Link #9
Impossible is Nothing
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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Attack on Titan are by far the top 2 animes on my list!! Check out Sword Art Online...amazing story and great action and it's short like Attack on Titan (25 episodes).

Samurai Champloo is great! The story isn't the best but it's a overall great anime for action, comedy, and when the story DOES get will find yourself some great new quotes for life

Mugen- "I don't believe in anybody but me and what I can do"

Love it.
Guess which anime will be coming out soon? The next installment of Sword Art Online....GUN GALE ONLINE!! I'll be keeping this page posted with new info, release dates, and all sorts of cool stuff. Like my page
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Old 2014-02-22, 21:41   Link #10
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I enjoyed Planetes....

Now to answer your question you have been given many great suggestions... I just wanted to second Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal/Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen and also recommend that you watch Rurouni Kenshin(TV show)http://http://www.animenewsnetwork.c...nime.php?id=73 Kenshin is one of those animes that you never forget, maybe its because of it length... but for whatever the reason its a fun anime to watch and has many of the elements that you are looking for...
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