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View Poll Results: Who is your Favorite Character(s) and why?
1. A-drei 18 25.71%
2. Figaro 1 1.43%
3. Cain 9 12.86%
4. H-neun 6 8.57%
5. Haruto Tokishima 18 25.71%
6. Kriemhild 9 12.86%
7. Kyuuma Inuzuka 17 24.29%
8. L-elf Karlstein 43 61.43%
9. Ninomiya Takahi 5 7.14%
10. Nobi Marie 7 10.00%
11. Q-vier 1 1.43%
12. Renboukouji Satomi 14 20.00%
13. Rion Nanami 2 2.86%
14. Saki Rukino 43 61.43%
15. Sakurai Aina 2 2.86%
16. Shōko Sashinami 13 18.57%
17. Renboukouji Akira 27 38.57%
18. Pino ala VVV-chan 10 14.29%
19. X-eins 2 2.86%
20. Yamada Raizou 9 12.86%
21. Others (Please Specify) 3 4.29%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 70. You may not vote on this poll

Closed Thread
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Old 2014-01-11, 02:11   Link #1
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 3rd Planet
Welcome to Valvrave the Liberator - Favorite Character(s) Poll - the place where you can express all of your love towards your favorite Valvrave characters. You may select multiple characters, but you can only vote once. Choose wisely. Try to explain why you choose those character(s) so the thread can sustain a good discussion. This poll will close in 120 days from today. We shall do another poll at a later date.

1. A-drei
2. Cain
3. Figaro
4. H-neun

5. Haruto Tokishima
6. Kriemhild
7. Kyuuma Inuzuka
8. L-elf Karlstein

9. Ninomiya Takahi
10. Nobi Marie
11. Q-vier
12. Renboukouji Satomi

13. Rion Nanami
14. Saki Rukino
15. Sakurai Aina
16. Shōko Sashinami

17. Renboukouji Akira
18. Pino ala VVV-chan
19. X-eins
20. Yamada Raizou

21. Others (Please Specify)

There is only one rule that applies to this thread:
  • Have fun and let others' do the same. At no point can the personal boundary be crossed. Poor behavior to each other will not be tolerated and will be dealt harshly (It usually means I get to be a prick toward you)!

Yes, have fun! No pressure.
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Old 2014-01-11, 03:59   Link #2
CCG's Reaper
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: CCG 1st Ward Office
Age: 22
Lets face it, L-Elf is the reason most of us watched this show. Whether you all want to admit it or not, he carried this show from beginning to end.

You all know who my vote is going to, the avatar alone gives it away. He was the most badass character in this show & the one that kept me interested in it. I was also a fan of the EruShoko ship, but we all know its not happening. *sigh*
Suppose there is an evil that justice cannot bring down. What would you do? Would you taint your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or would you carry out your own justice and succumb to that evil? - Lelouch vi Britannia as Zero.
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Old 2014-01-11, 04:22   Link #3
Riding the Ange Express
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Sunriseland
My top 3 pretty much stayed the same. Big Daddy Cain was my favorite character.

Kyuuma was my second favorite. I found him easy to relate to. If I was a character in the Valvrave universe, I would probably be him. Not saying he's a masterpiece of a character, but I was able to relate to him and found him likeable. Had the best death of the series as well. Kinda like the situation I had in Aquarion Evol where I found Shrade to be my favorite character. He was cool, he did his job and had some moments where he shined.

Haruto takes the bronze. I like the underdog. He was frustrating to watch at times, but seeing what he was going through, he had a right to angst. Yes, he was a bit vanilla, but I found myself pulling for him throughout. I was hoping that even if he lost all his memories he would still be able to get out of this alive. Sadly, it didn't happen. At least he's in better place now.

...Unless Hamatora shits the bed. Fingers crossed.

And of course, there's no way I wouldn't vote for Akira-chan!
"Do not pretend. Retribution for forgiveness, betrayal for trust, despair for hope, darkness for light, dark death for the living." - Kirei Kotomine
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Old 2014-01-11, 17:55   Link #4
Mad Pierrot
Corrupted fool
Join Date: Nov 2012
A-drei has to be mine. While I think L-elf exceeds in badassery to the point of being OP, A-drei seems to care more about the comrades he has and his yells are meme worthy. I didn't start caring about L-elf until we learned his past and wish. It made it hard to relate with him until season 2.

Then in second place I would either Kyuma or Haruto. They were kind of characters taken from a high school comedy placed inside a mecha series. The two had a nice relationship that thankfully didn't require a twist to break it and their deaths were really sad.

Also in third place I would either put Lieselotte or Akira. It's a shame the series didn't focus much on them, an imprisoned alien princess and an isolated girl facing war.
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Old 2014-01-11, 18:33   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
Why weren't Lieselotte, Prue or Mirko (Amadeus) included while Aina and Figaro were? They weren't even present as characters in the second season. ...Just saying.

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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Old 2014-01-11, 19:26   Link #6
Nishikino Maki (* ̄▽ ̄*)
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: I shall reveal it to you.
Michael, Saki, A-drei

L-Elf - Since he couldn't pilot a VVV, but he drove the story and kept things interesting. The whole Liberation thing was his idea.

Saki - for being the best girl from day one. You throw everything at her and she can still deal with it.

A-drei - for being the most rational and compassion character on the opposing side. He only wishes to free his people from the tyrants.

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Old 2014-01-12, 03:17   Link #7
Key Board
Join Date: Nov 2003
Came for space vampires
stayed for L-Elf, Saki and Akira. If I had a forth option, I'd say Satomi probably.

The show runs on L-Elf, for the better or worse. But it's more better than worse
Saki was an interesting, but I think also underused character. I like it that she's not a typical boyscout/girlscout archetype.
Akira was also underused. But the moments where she had screen time were always distinctive.

I'm neutral towards almost everyone else.
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Old 2014-01-13, 11:55   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Age: 36
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In "Take 1", after the first season, I voted for Cain, L-Elf, and Shouko. Cain and L-Elf were strong enough in Season 2 to maintain their standing for me (L-Elf especially so), but Shouko did decline as a character, imo. As much as I defended her, I can't deny that the writers really dropped the ball with her in Season 2 (and you'll probably see that reflected a lot in how much her vote percentage slips compared to where she was in "Take 1").

In place of Shouko, I'll now take both Saki and Satomi to round out my Top 4. Nobody endured more in Season 2 than Saki did, and she came through it all remarkably well, playing a key role in securing victory for the people of Module 77 and the cause of Haruto/L-Elf.

Satomi's character grew by leaps and bounds in Season 2, improving as much as Shouko regressed. So its fitting that the two have now flipped for me.

So my Top 4 with Valvrave concluded - L-Elf, Saki, Cain, and Satomi.
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Old 2014-01-13, 17:46   Link #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
As I said in another thread the second season kind of lessened my appreciation for a number of characters but overall my favorites remained the same. Only A-Drei and Satomi really benefited this season and Saki to a lesser extent. L-Elf and Shoko are still my favorites but my estimation of both went down as did Haruto (who I largely ended up feeling indifferent to save that final scene).
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Old 2014-01-15, 22:05   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: NYC
L-Elf, A-Drei and Saki. If it wasn't for L-Elf being an interesting character when the show first started I probably would not have continued watching. Then we got Saki and more A-drei which gave me a bit more reason to watch.
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Old 2014-01-16, 20:13   Link #11
Joseph Defense Squad
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Mars
L-Elf, Lieselotte- who bizarrely and unfortunately was ommited from this poll >, Saki and A-Drei in that order.

Takahi and Akira technically tie with A-Drei for fourth, though I did not vote for them as it would've been too much.
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Old 2014-01-20, 04:04   Link #12
a random Indonesian otaku
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Xanadu
Age: 25
ah man... just realized that Lieselotte isn't in the list...

well, I vote for all Valvrave pilots (especially Akira-chan and Rukino-sama)
with Mikhail Karlstein a.k.a badass eruerufuu with his bro, A-drei

The others would be Marie and Lieselotte... stole the show in two episodes but already left great impact
oh yea... Pino is the cutest OS-tan
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Old 2014-01-26, 02:53   Link #13
I <3 u Lucina/dancer girl
Join Date: Jan 2012
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Age: 21
I waited last for my turn due to how much I wash I can see Saki defeating L-elf but I guess his popularity is still too damn high.

For my number one, as everyone will obviously know by now if you know me on this forum, it Saki Rukino. First time I saw her in the commercial, I have a feeling that I'll like her but no, it turn out I didn't like her because I LOVE HER. I count her as my first ever fictional crush and that saying something big for someone like me, who is just a casual anime watcher. I generally dislike being associated with these "hardcore" anime watcher or "otaku" because I initially think it crazy how someone can be so attached to a fictional character but yet here I am who completely fallen in love with a fictional character, the irony.

Saki to me bring a fresh new breath of female character that I hardly nowadays see in animes. Female character who usually just there for the stake of being a lover for the main protagonist, I guess Saki can turn out to be a different character and not the current tough as nail Saki had Haruto chosen her over Shoko but I still very much wanted a happy ending for what she went through. In fact I could even say I'll exchange that badass and kickass Saki Rukino for a damsel-in-distress Saki Rukino had I know the outcome of the ending. Because I think it just not fair for her, not fair for someone who lost so much and sacrificed so much yet didn't whin one bit about it. When Haruto find what happened to his body because of piloting Valvrave and can't confess to Shoko he cry, When Shoko find out his dad is dead she cry and even the emotionless L-elf cried when he find out Lise is dead. But Saki, despite that she has such a shitty childhood where her parents exploit her for money, despite that she was raped, despite that she fell into the hand of the enemy resulted in a humiliated position and despite that she was put on a public execution where is accused as being a monster and crushed her dream, that dream which is the sole reason that is giving her a meaning of her life, that being a idol was crush. She didn't cried, but only did when she found out that her beloved is safe and sound. I was astonished, greatly, never was that in my entries anime watching career I ever know of a female character this strong.

Okouchi's writing may suck ballz but his female character is truly some of the best with the like of C.C and with the newest addition of Saki Rukino who just topped all of them, I truly need to give him the praise for writing such a interesting perfect and yet flawed character. Truly when the producer said Saki will be the most memorable character is certainly no joke, as she still appear every now and then inside my head. When I get into college, definitely for my first thesis will be on this girl, Saki Rukino. Truly for me, Valvrave is Saki and Saki is Valvrave, no her is no Valvrave.

It a beyond 10 out of 10 for me, never had I enjoyed a character this much and be attached this much. I'll dearly misses you Saki as your number one all time forever fanboy...

After the 1000000000000000000^100000000000000 light year away from Saki is the second place, Satomi. He truly grow on me in second season.

The third place who is not so behind of second is Haruto. Beginning of the anime Hauro is decent, in the middle he is dog shit and in the end despite not choosing Saki when I raged to the point of wanting to hijack a plane and go kamikaze on Okouchi's ass, he was great.

L-elf in the forth place, as he is just L-elf, nothing more and nothing less which bored me.

Kyuuma for the fifth place for being such a bro in the end along with Thunder.

Akira for sixth place, I like cute girl.
Saki taking a short break. Fire Emblem 2015 HYPE!!!

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Old 2014-02-18, 11:35   Link #14
Karlstein Deserter
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ERU ERUFU all the way !
Looks like Shouko lost the majority of her fan club during the last few episodes.
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