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Old 2014-02-19, 02:14   Link #1
Ramen Hunter
Join Date: Oct 2009
Anime references to Malaysia

I noticed more references to Malaysia and neighbors like Indonesia in recent animes. For example a scene in Hyouka features a postcard from Malaysia. Come to think of it in recent Hollywood movies too.

I wonder why? Any significant events in the last 5 years that brought this about? Surely it cannot be due to a cult classic like Entrapment
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Old 2014-02-19, 08:59   Link #2
'Dear Elhit'
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Anime Festival Malaysia 2012
The Anime Festival Asia (AFA) brand for the first time left the shores of Singapore this year and ventured into Malaysia. Anime Festival Asia Malaysia was held in June 2012, where attendees reached 41,000 over the two day event period.
The attendance numbers were very significant. Danny Choo, who hosted almost all of the festival guest appearances, is well-known in the Japanese anime industry. Plus, the AFA brand has gained very real regional traction in the past two to three years.

In short, Japan producers and I'm talking even the big ones like Madhouse and Production I.G (which made a very niche anime called Windy Tales in 2004 that also had an episode about travelling to Malaysia) have now seen with their own eyes that they do indeed have a big market in the Southeast Asian region.

But very big licensing challenges remain: Intellectual property protection is in very poor state across most of the region. This affects not just the sale of anime content, but also that of merchandise like toys and figurines (which can also be easily pirated). And then there's the linguistic fragmentation of the market, making it harder to sell merchandise like DVDs and Blu-rays across large parts of the region.

In short, the industry still can't quite see where the revenue from the region is going to come from, despite the strong following.

Meanwhile, legally or not, fans are still watching anime and most producers do acknowledge that's not a bad thing.

So, a little fan service probably wouldn't hurt.

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Old 2014-02-19, 10:31   Link #3
Join Date: Mar 2013
It's nice to see at least my country have been featured in anime once, yes in Hyouka, the postcard with a coconut-climbing monkey picture on it. I'm quite jealous to see Singapore have been one of the major setting of anime several times and the most recent is in Cardfight Vanguard and there's also a Japanese live-action Kamen Rider-like show which uses Indonesia as main setting and based off Hindu/Balinese lore as basis.

There's supposed to an anime(yes 100% Japanese production) based on Hang Tuah and his sworn brothers which was scheduled to be shown in Winter 2012 but as far as I can tell it was cancelled due to lack of funding and many other reasons.
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Old 2014-02-20, 07:10   Link #4
Ramen Hunter
Join Date: Oct 2009
Good point about exploring emerging markets. 5-6 years ago was also when the American market started to implode. Coupled with outsourcing of animation work to se asia countries, it makes sense that anime producers are getting familiar with the region. I wonder if tourists from Japan to the region also increased in the last few years.

Hopefully plans to sell to the region includes lowering prices in favor market share
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