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Old 2014-02-23, 17:53   Link #81
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Angel Beats
Black Lagoon series
Claymore - was great throughout til the anime original ending.
Code Geass series
Martian Successor Nadesico
Neon Genesis Evangelion - I didn't mind the original ending.
One Piece - had a ton of great stories and moments but recent years' production quality have greatly cut down my excitement for watching. Manga is still going great for me.
Saber Marionette series
To aru Majutsu no Index/To aru Kagaku no Railgun series
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Old 2014-02-23, 21:09   Link #82
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my list: I'm just gonna list 10 anime i really really enjoyed watching immensely thus far. some people are posting based on "value" (I'm pretty sure if it came down to it you could name other anime that you had more fun watching) which i don't understand because when it comes down to it you watch anime for enjoyment.

slayers NEXT 199something- best season of slayers. there's some really voice acting and BGM especially the last few episodes. The first 2 sesaons of slayers have some really good funny filler episodes. There's also Xellos. I liked him the best in this season and the voice actor did an amazing job. plus i hate fantasy regardless of the medium ie book,movies but this franchise is FUN and not full of itself (some fantasy books or shows are just really demanding all the details of the world and i can't make myself care let alone remember it or the characters' names lol)

Welcome to the NHK!- 2006 - it's a pretty unique anime. there isn't a lot of dark comedy animes. It was fun, depressing, and I really enjoyed it. By enjoyment I mean every minute of it which most anime cannot do. I don't remember if the BGM is good but the ops and EDS kicked ass and the voice-casting misaki was perfect

sayonara zetsubou sensei - 2006 Dark comedy at its finest.

iron leaguer 1994? - I saw all the episodes it's one of those shows that prove that it's not just nostalgia, the show is just THAT good. Well the whole nostalgia vs. is it actually good thing just depends on the anime imo and this one is passed the test with flying colors. The ending was amazing, the bgm is amazing, the op is amazing, and good voice acting. It has a lot of intense of episodes and a lot of omg I can't believe blahblahblah~~~ is happening/happened/what's gonna happen next. It has a great message.

dash kappei! 1981? - one of my favorite school/comedy/sports. It's probably the only "ecchi" genre show i like lol... since it is from the 80s... it's not as raunchy and tasteless as it now-a-days lol. It's mad tame lol. I really like the character and the chemistry (like with the slayers characters in the slayers franchise) between the cahracters. It's only the anime off the top of my head that made a talking dog work as a character. I love the comedy and the voice-casting was perfect. unfortunately i haven't been able to see all the episodes yet.

kodomo no omocha 1995? - one of the best shoujos I've seen. I remember watching episode 1-23 in a couple days. It was addictive good. If you want comedy,drama, romance, watch it.

melancholy of haruhi suzumiya - it's popular and it's overrated. I like it and i think there's way worse animes to be hating to be honest. well people can't help what they end up hating.

I'm not sure about the next 3 if i want to put it in my top 10 but just to complete it...

Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu 2001? - I love the opening. It's bizarre and very energetic. it's definitely one of the funniest anime I've seen.

akazukin cha cha 1994? - for this one i would have to consider it against sailor moon and card captor sakura just because of the genre. I enjoyed all 3 but of those 3 i would choose this because when it comes down to enjoyment it's number one. i understand sailor moon and card captor sakura have their own thing going on with their characters and overarching plots and I enjoyed them it's just i gotta go with enjoyment per episode basis. I like the comedy and the characters a lot and not surprisingly it had pretty good ratings in japan and popular (though nowhere near sailor moon) when it originally aired.

NG Lamune & 40 199something - to be honest for this one i haven't re-watched it yet. i saw it a long time ago but i don't remember anything other than that i thought it was really good and funny. One of the reasons it really stands out is that it's shonen and i think iron leaguer is shonen too. I personally hate shonen and can't really watch anything shonen because i'm not a shonen so it's not surprise i hate it... so to see an anime that's shonen that i really like is pretty shocking and really speaks volumes. It makes me think that there's no such thing as an incompatible genre, and if you think you have one I think it's just that you haven't seen a good anime from that genre. so I don't know if it's the nostalgia talking or if it's really that amazing. I'm planning to watch it in the future. It might like iron leaguer with its amazingness or fall short. I won't know till i watch but the japanese fans seem sorta intense so i think there's a high chance it's actually good.

I have a bunch of stuff on my to watch list including stuff people posted on this thread so we'll see what happens

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Old 2014-02-23, 22:18   Link #83
Demon Hunter
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Location: Ente Isla
from bottom to top

10. Hunter X Hunter
9. Monogatari Series
8. Pyscho Pass
7. Shingeki no Kyojin
6 One Piece
5. Fate/Zero
4. Madoka Magica
3. Steins Gate
2. Gintama
1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

special mentions include Oregairu, Hataraku, Index, and Code Geass
Friendship and Rivalry. These two have it
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Old 2014-02-26, 23:16   Link #84
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We're talking TV series right?
Otherwise it'd be taken up by AKIRA and bunch of Ghibli (and pre-Ghibli) flicks.

As far as series goes, in my subjective opinion, nothing on TV in the past 10-20 years can compare with likes of Future Boy Conan and Nadia. IMO.
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Old 2014-02-27, 00:12   Link #85
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Age: 28
Romance: Maison Ikkoku. A classic, perfect blend of comedy and drama, believable despite being very cartoonish at times, very realistic character growth. A very touching story, and you really just get sucked into their fictional world.

Action: Dragonball and Dragonball Z Also absolute classics, the best fighting series ever produced imo, really fun world, cool villains, and of course, it introduced me to anime.

Adventure: Hunter x Hunter Unforgettable main characters and villains, extremely engrossing world with varying but all equally enjoyable plot arcs, one of the most well thought out and interesting mechanics for fighting of any anime (nen).

Berserk Atmospheric and gritty medieval fantasy world with one of the most badass main characters you will ever find in fiction. Great action, brutal battles, a touch of politics, and a slowly building air of mystery that gradually leads into the climax.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Another very unique and super engrossing fantasy world. The magic here (alchemy) is right up there with nen as one of the better fantasy fighting powers in anime; it has rules, but each character has their own style. The plot is fantastic with multiple interweaving storylines and you will always find yourself rooting for the main characters (and sometimes, even their opponents).

Mech: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann If you're the type of person who likes to get a rush of excitement and loves over-the-top action (almost to the point of silliness, if you weren't so damn engrossed and pumped up when watching it), this is your series. Possibly the most "hot blooded" anime ever created. The plot, while not particularly deep, is definitely cool too.

Sports: Hajime no Ippo A timeless sports series, it takes regular boxing and adds your typical balls-to-the-wall, almost superhuman anime component to the fights. The main character is your prototypical underdog, but damn if he isn't one of the best written ones out there. You'll always find yourself rooting for him. The fights are really fun to watch and the comedy is also very good.

War: Kingdom My personal favorite historical fiction anime. Taking place in the Warring States period of China, this series is jam packed with large scale military battles, your typical almost-superhuman duels between generals and commanders, and very well portrayed political intrigue. The cast is enormous, with most characters being loosely based on real people, and almost every major character being unique and interesting.

Drama: GunGRAVE This could have gone into another category, but I think drama fits best. This is a really brilliant portrayal of friendship and a mafia story with a little touch of sci-fi at the end. The relationship between the main characters drives the story here, and shows how the ruthless crime syndicate they join can warp and distort their bond due to greed/lust for power. A truly strange but brilliant anime.

Full Moon wo Sagashite This is a kids series, but it's really quite touching. The main character is fighting against a disease that threatens to end her ability to speak, but she dreams of becoming a singer. Words can't really do this one justice, the overall package is just more touching than any summary can express.

Kemono no Souja Erin Just saw this one recently. A really cool fantasy world with a sharp bent towards political drama, but at the heart of this series is the relationship of the main character with her parental figures. Some parts are truly heartbreaking despite it being a work of fiction. I think this is possibly my favorite portrayal of family and parent/child dynamics in anime... but don't forget that there's also another plot involving the fate of the kingdom the main character inhabits that is also brilliantly done and eventually intersects with the journey of Erin.

Natsume Yuujinchou Also recently watched this one. I can only describe it as beautifully melancholic. This is an anime that is able to connect with deep and complex emotions. I can honestly say that the author is genius level at the ability to invoke these emotions because I have never experienced anything quite like it in any work of fiction before. The main character can see spirits and interacts with them; but again, a summary can't really convey the genius of this one.

I could probably keep going (there's a few brilliant ones I missed), but that's a pretty good list of my favorites.
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doraemon. can never be bored with 'em.
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