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Old 2014-03-22, 10:13   Link #1
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What counts as "On-Topic"?

There's something I'd like clarification on here.

Last night, playmaker2k put up a humorous Nagi no Asukara screenshot on the Nagi no Asukara series thread. That screenshot was of a very secondary character named Sayama, and he was flanked by five female characters. The screenshot was amusing in that it gave a serious harem vibe.

playmakater2k and I lightheartedly joked a bit over it, and basically had some fun with it. It was a nice way to end the evening, really.

Then I check out AS this morning only to see that our entire discussion was deleted. The reason given for it was "Can we stay on topic please"?

And, honestly, this really perplexes me.

Now, I considered going directly to the moderator (Flower, in this case) about it, but I can vaguely recall other incidents of posts that struck me as being on-topic getting deleted for not being on-topic. And so it occurred to me that maybe AS' standard for on-topic-ness is different than I thought, and we're dealing with some sort of implied unwritten rule here (I say unwritten, because in re-reading this, I don't really see anything here that would necessitate deleting the brief discussion between playmaker2K and I).

My view has always been that if you're talking about something directly from Anime X (in this case, a screenshot) on the Anime X series thread then it is automatically on-topic.

But is the standard higher than this? Is it that the discussion must not only be on Anime X but also must be focused on something central in Anime X? In other words, focused discussion on very secondary characters or elements is generally discouraged? Or is the standard something else?

So, in any event, some clarification on what is (and isn't ) on-topic would be welcomed here. Thanks in advance.
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Old 2014-03-22, 10:54   Link #2
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Just a trick for these kind of cases: Double Standard.

A.K.A I would try to insert something (like an on-topic question) into each of the post that you're taking about.

By the way, do we also have any unwritten rule that allow members to post everything they like on Fanfiction and Fan Creation threads? For I've broken almost every laws in these.
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Old 2014-03-22, 16:07   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Fireminer View Post
Just a trick for these kind of cases: Double Standard.

A.K.A I would try to insert something (like an on-topic question) into each of the post that you're taking about.
If you do this, I will ban you myself, and I've banned people for doing this in the past. (Like go into some big long off-topic speech in an image thread, and be like "oh I'd better be on topic" and post some random image.) Don't be a smart-ass.

As for the topic in question, off-topic is at the discretion of the moderators, and can depend on the tone of the discussion, past experience with tangents in the thread, whether the tangent adds positively/meaningfully to the discussion in question, and so on. It is not the case that "anything related in some way is on-topic".

In this case, the discussion was deleted because it was pointless and did not contribute meaningfully to the discussion in question.

In the future, if you need clarification on why a post was deemed off-topic, please consult the moderator directly first. Thank you.
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