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Old 2014-04-02, 23:30   Link #201
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I gotta say, after listening to Akai Memories Wo Anata Ni many times now, it really warm up to me. I really like the melody especially. Hopefully I get to hear her Momoko more in the near future and hopefully again in another mecha anime, preferably by Sunrise too! After mere 3 months when Valvrave ended, I already starting to have nostalgic feeling for it... Listening to Akai Memories really tears me up sometimes.

Preserved Roses still the best opening and Boku Ja Nai is the best ending.

Edit: Oh and Can You Save My Heart is the best insert song for the best girl of the show!
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Old 2014-04-03, 00:47   Link #202
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I really like it too. Especially in terms of how upbeat it is compared to the other ending songs in the series.

I still think the show was missing a Nami Tamaki song.
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