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Old 2006-03-25, 00:17   Link #21
VC Matsumoto
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How about Suzuka? The 1st 3 Ep.'s (except for the gags) were borring.
I agree that the 1st 6-12 eps of Bleach also wern't that exciting, but after Ep turning back! I watched all ofXenosaga and it was good at 1st, borring in the middle and kind of flat towards the end...I guess the game was better? (LoL). Karin (Vampire Anime) was real good at 1st but is getting too prectible; although still fun to watch (Karin's mom is too hot)!

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Old 2006-03-25, 04:29   Link #22
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the only one I can think that hasn't been mentioned of is Touch. the first 13 or 26 episodes (i forgot...) are pretty boring, but its all set-up for the rest of the show.
nanoha definitly gets better as it goes on. The same (for me, at least) goes for stuff like azumanga, school rumble... once you get to know the characters better, it's a lot more funny and enjoyable.
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Old 2006-03-25, 04:39   Link #23
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I liked azu manga daio from the start.

school rumble was so-so at the start, but i got hooked pretty quickly.
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Old 2006-03-25, 04:42   Link #24
Calming Everyday Life
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Sokyuu no Fafner definitely started off really slow. I mean, the first few episodes were kinda wtf kinda snoozefest, but it got better as it went along. It kept you interested, even if just barely, lol. But then comes some new characters (around ep 14 or 15? I forget) and the series just explodes into greatness after that point. I think if you were to watch the movie before you watch the series it wouldn't be as bad thought.

I can think of dozens of others, just not really for justified reasons. Start of animes really are total snoozefests or mindtrips ([b]Texhnolyze, Trinity Blood, Some could say Naruto, Evangelion, noein[b], I could go on and on) but I wind up getting into them later and appreciating them from start to finish. (more noeing and Texhnolyze
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Old 2006-03-25, 06:06   Link #25
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Oh yeah, I second Fafner too - it was rather bland and overdramatic at first, but it got kind of better in the 2nd half - you really got to click with the characters a lot better and the structure of the episodes was much more interesting and creative. Scriptwriter changed. Definitely a good example of a series that was mediocre at first and gets better later.

In a way you could say Ayakashi - ep 1-8 are really quite bleh compared to the pure freaking awesomeness that is eps 9-11. But it doesn't really count since 1-4 and 5-8 are individual stories on their own anyway!!

Hm, I also thought Haibane Renmei started off a little confusingly and slow but it really got more interesting and fleshed out later on, and made the first few episodes more meaningful.
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2006-03-25, 06:43   Link #26
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For me,I don't think Fafner is a good example. The mecha design in fafner is slightly different from other anime in the same genre right from the start.It started off quite good.

But too damn short the appearnce of Tsubaki(the critical character) and late introductory of the alliance in the anime made the anime looked suck to the end.
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Old 2006-03-26, 16:13   Link #27
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Originally Posted by lavielove
The show that started off so badly and is awesome still by now is Eureka7. Many dropped the show because they thought it's a kid's show,suprisingly it turned out to be one of the best shows in 2005-2006.
Well, the fact that it was pre-licensed by Bandai probably caused most of the groups to drop it, or else they just didn't like it enough to justify subbing licensed anime.

I seem to be in the minority, but I actually liked the first arc of Bleach; sure, it's standard introduction, but the comedy is great and there are some touching moments in the first few eps, which was what drew me into Bleach in the first place.

Shuffle! is an example of "started out mediocre" for fact, I didn't even follow it, because I didn't really like it from the descriptions. I didn't go back and download it until I saw posts on other forums saying, "Wow, Shuffle! is getting good" when it was at episode 16-17 or so.
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