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Old 2006-03-26, 01:03   Link #1
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Talking something to watch

I've been reading this suggestions board for a while now, skimming through threads to find some new anime to pick up, but haven't been able to find much that sound interesting. I guess in order to help you give me some suggestions, i'll list the anime I've seen and what i thought about them. I guess this can also be used as a recommendation list for those looking for ideas of anime to watch. btw, my favorite type of anime generally is action/comedy. I'm not such a big fan of romance and to watch serious anime, i usually have to be "in the mood" for it, for the lack of a better phrase.

really love this series, i even like the filler episodes, probably my favorite series. great blend of action, comedy and plot.
pretty good up until it got to the fillers
I used to love this series when i was younger, but too much "charge up time"
Full Metal Alchemist
great series, not much to say about it
after watching the first two episodes, I did not like this series. Not a fan of the animation style for some reason (maybe the grotesque old people?) and too serious for my taste when i started it.
i love this series. reminded me of a mix of cowboy bebop and the godfather. one of the more serious anime that i really enjoyed. the ending was also great
I liked this series also, unique western style
saw this before it started on adult swim and found it entertaining. i found it similar to xmen
girl with sword who forgot about her past and killing demons. i approve.
wow, when i first saw this, i didn't know what to expect... and i really didn't expect what happenned in the series. i just wish it stuck to the manga instead of ending prematurely at 26 eps. i thought it was a good watch, though
rurouni kenshin (and samurai x)
one of my all time faves... i did prefer the series better, though, because it was more light hearted and provided some comedy, i even liked the fillers. only the ending really sucked...
black cat
GREAT series. it's ending soon and that's a bummer. I wish they didn't speed through the 20 volumes or so of the manga in 23 episodes, otherwise i'd love it even more.
samurai champloo
watched this with my cousin and we loved it. it's so unique with mixing the historical setting with hip hop culture of the present. there were times that we busted out laughing with certain scenes (like the beatboxing)
chrno crusade
i liked this series, but it left it's lightheartedness after about the 10th episode or so. and the ending was depressing.
note: i've only watched the first episode
I kept hearing good things about this series, but i didn't find it all that special. meh, maybe i'll pick it up again after a while.
ghost in the shell: sac (and 2nd gig)
really enjoy this series, great plot
ergo proxy
only seen two episodes of this, but found it promising
star ocean ex
watched it mainly because i loved star ocean 2, it was an ok series
flame of recca
i liked this series also, but if i remember correctly the ending was not great
cowboy bebop
great show, spike is the man, i thought the ending was fitting
samurai 7
i loved the movie the seven samurai, i thought this adaptation was pretty good also
alucard was freakin awesome... plus vampires are cool
elfen lied
wow... great series, wish it were longer ::sigh::
shakugan no shana
one of the newer series i started watching, i find it enjoyable
outlaw star
don't really remember much about this series, but i thought it was pretty good
first saw this on cn, thought it was a good series
hunter x hunter
i enjoyed watching this show

Excel Saga
so random, but so good
yakitake japan
one of my favorites... the "reactions" are just classic, who knew that an anime about making bread could be so good
magical shopping arcade abenobashi
haha there were so many good moments in this series
Tenchi series (OVA, Universe, Tokyo)
watched this on cn, thought it was a good time

neon genesis evangelion
great up until about episode 18 when it started going crazy... i think i'd be more sane if i didn't watch the last few eps or the "end of evangelion" movie
Full Metal Panic (as well as fumoffu and 2nd raid)
really good mecha series, more action in 1st and 2nd raid series, comedy in fumoffu.
gundam wing
i didn't really like this series for some reason. never really got into it when it was on toonami back in the day. I liked g-gundam better if only because i thought using your body to control it was cooler than using standard controls
vandread 1st and 2nd stage
i liked this series as well. interesting concept with the whole men v. women fighting a space war, ha

ah! my goddess
have'nt seen this in a while, thought it was decent
onegai teacher
found this pretty funny when i watched it

Prince of Tennis
i played varsity tennis in high school, so i found this series to be a lot of fun. funny with some great tension in matches
Eyeshield 21
i played football in high school as well and thought that this series is great. I found it funnier than PoT and it's just as entertaining. I just wish saizen would catch up with the subs, hehe
hikaru no go
for a game i've never even played or heard of, i thought that this series wasn't bad. sort of made me want to play the game. kinda slow, though and dragged on at times

detective conan
first mystery anime i ever saw, really enjoyed seeing how he figured everything out
detective academy q
another great mystery anime, but instead of relying on one character it's about a team working together and using their unique abilities to solve the crimes.
haven't seen much of it, but i find it intriguing

Well, if you've managed to make it all the way through the list, you might be able to get a taste for the type of anime i like. I only really stated a few that i didn't particularly enjoy, so it shouldn't be too hard to help me find something. I'm sure there's some series that i've seen, but forgot to list and comment on, so i'll edit this list as i think of more. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you contribute to feeding my growing need of anime.
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Old 2006-03-26, 02:18   Link #2
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Based on what you've listed, you might also find these anime entertaining too:

Dragon Drive
Erementar Gerad - Action
E's Otherwise - Action / Fantasy
Fantastic Children - action
Fushigi Yuugi - Romantic Adventure
Gad Guard - Mecha
Gatekeepers - fantasy
Midori no Hibi - Romantic Comedy (Seriously gd)
Groove Adventure Rave
GTO - dead funny!
Pretear - action / fantasy
Samurai Deeper Kyo - ac u can guess samurai
Shaman King - one of my favourites!
Tsubasa Chronicle - Romance / adventure / action (my most FAVOURITE!)
Vision of Escaflowne - mecha / adventure
Witch Hunter Robin

Do check its synopsis at AnimeNewsNetwork to see whether its to your liking!
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Old 2006-03-26, 11:53   Link #3
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Yuyu Hakusho - same creator of Hunter x Hunter. Its his earllier work so kinda old. First arc and last arc of the story is great. The middle part has a lot of competion game similar with flame of recca.
scrapped princess - the story concentrated more on action adventure side. comedy.... just secondary ( this is my personal favorite).
get backer - its 49 epi so expect some filler but the quality of action fight and comedy is good.
cooking master boy- theme similar with yakitate japan, but its about chinese cooking adventure.
slayers ( original, next, try, great, premium ...etc. ) - adventure magic genre and a 100% comedy
and also watch out for Gintama this coming April - its action comedy too
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Old 2006-03-26, 16:41   Link #4
The Hawqman
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Peacemaker kurogane
Shura no toki
Trinity blood
final fantasy 7 advent children
galaxy railways
Fate/stay night
tsubasa chronicles
erementa gerad
Samurai 7
Scrapped princess

Lunar legend
infinte ryvius

gundam seed and destiny
Gundam 08 ms team
Gundam x
Blue gender
Macross zero
Macross plus


Initial D first stage, second stage, third stage, and fourth stage. Avoid extra stage at all cost, cause it the crappiest piece of garbage I have ever seen.

These are some recommendations you can use.

info at
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