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Old 2006-03-28, 13:52   Link #1
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help connecting to irc servers!!

ok, so im at school and i just found out that the last and only way that i used to get anime was blocked!

this last resort was using irc.

so does anyone know a simple and easy to explain way to bypass the firewall that is blocking irc?

btw, i can't use bit torrent because they blocked that too.
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Old 2006-03-28, 15:28   Link #2
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You might still be able to use BitTorrent. I'm going to assume that your school is smart and is using traffic-shaping devices to actually filter out packets from p2p protocols and services and trash 'em. You can get around this by using the latest Azureus or uTorrent builds which support transport encryption. Just force the client to use encryption of at least a Plain level (might need to use RC4, depending on how vicious their packet shapers are) and don't accept any non-encrypted connections.

As for IRC, the only way to get around that would be to get a shell account on a friend's Linux/OS X box off-campus someplace and ssh to it and run a text-mode client like irssi or something. I did that for nearly two years here at my school due to similar policies. Not that that helps you get files, since any files you got would be stored on their machine and you'd need to SFTP to get them.

Give encrypted BT a shot, see if that'll get you around the firewall.
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Old 2006-03-28, 18:07   Link #3
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i still can not get either programs to work
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