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Old 2006-03-28, 19:05   Link #1
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Urgent need of anime fix.

I'm looking for several series to get into, haven't been keeping up with anime of late, so any suggestions you can make will be greatly appreciated. The only thing I'll ask is that any series you recommend must be listed on Animesuki. And again, thank you in advance.

Comedy: I really love this kind of anime, I mean, it's funny, and I can say that this is why I started loving this genre to begin with. It can either be ridiculous comedy like Love Hina or Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, or more serious stuff(yet funny), it just has to make me laugh. A lot.

Drama: This is the most hard to describe. It doesn't necessarily have to be a tearjerker, or a thriller, or some such. It just needs to have a good, and powerful message, and storyline, the exact way it does this really doesn't matter. I don't thinK I've really watched a true drama, but I suppose there's Beck, or E'S Otherwise(this might be more in the fantasy genre).

Live-Action Series(LAS): Really, I like most kinds. Though favourites of mine include Gokusen, Yoshitsune, GTO. It has to have a story, but not melo-dramatic to any degree. It also helps if it's funny.

Other: This can include things like mecha(Gundam Wing), or fantasy(Samurai Deeper Kyo), and so on and so forth. It just has to be good.

Thank you in advance.
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Old 2006-03-28, 19:20   Link #2
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I'm into comedy and you seem to like the two of my favorite comedy shows so here's some comedy shows that I enjoyed.

Azumanga Daioh-wacky school life comedy.

Excel Saga-Also wacky, parodies many things and very fun.

Genshiken-A comedy about a modern visual culture club(anime/manga/video games club) and their lives.

GTO-This show has cool characters and a nice storyline and very funny comedy.

Midori No Hibi-A school life comedy with a nice twist.

School Rumble-A very entertaining schoo life comedy.

Pani Poni Dash-A young girl becomes a teacher at a high school. Very fun and very different.

Ichigo Mashimaro-I liked the laid back humor they had in this show.

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Old 2006-03-31, 00:28   Link #3
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Live action series -
Ace wo Narae - tennis live action theme and its very funny.
Hana Yori Dango - based from best seller manga school life live action.
Anime - comedy/ drama
Hantsuki - 6 episodes drama set in a hospital.
Honey and Clover - mix of drama and comedy.
Ginban Kaleidoscope - it is a sport anime. its comedy and drama.

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