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Old 2014-06-13, 11:12   Link #1
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anyone got ipad retina or high resolution tablet?

How is your experience watching anime?

I am thinking about getting the surface for mix laptop/tablet use. As i occasionally use my laptop to watch anime while lying on bed, it is nice to have a tablet that run windows (so i can just simply open Network/Desktop/C/downloads/anime.mkv to play or play 800x600 eroge). But i remember how how hideous, a 720p anime look like at full screen mode on a 2560x1440p monitor. So anyone watched anime on high res tablet or played game with it? how was your experience?
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Old 2014-06-14, 15:45   Link #2
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Here a sample from my iPad Air which has the Retina Display but it better to see it in person:

Since then, I never bother turning on my computer for anime again and all animes/movie is done on my iPad(well until I get a 4k TV). It convenient and qualities is never compromised.
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