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Old 2006-01-01, 08:30   Link #41
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Just an update to what's going on in the manga currently (Chapter 33).

The new 16-year old Red Hair 2nd Stage Prototype, Pavlushka, move in with the other girls in this chapter. She chat up with Claes and tells her handler Alexandro that she find Claes interesting of the glasses she's wearing. Alexandro commented that she must have wear those out of unspoken truamantic experience.And that since Pavl is still "young", she will not understand the things Claes went through and that she should learn more about life from Claes.

Later, when Pavl don Claes' specs out of playfulness when Claes is in the shower. Claes goes Berserk and attack Pavl to get back the Specs. When questioned later, Claes answered that she did so out of natural reaction,not out of anger or anything and could not understand when the glasses are important to her.

Soon, Jean took Claes along with Alexnadro and Pavl out for a test of sorts at a harbour, Claes,upon looking out at sea, commented that it was her first time out of the Coporation and somehow she can't understand why she's crying. But Pavl understands why as she knew that Claes was recalling something eventful but sad from the bottom of her hearts. She ends by saying that she should start building up happiness in her memories.
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Old 2006-04-11, 03:02   Link #42
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Gunslinger Girl Vol 6

Hey guys.

Have any of you read the manga for Gunslinger Girl, Vol 6? On the cover there is a girl with red hair; a girl I've never seen before. If someone could identify this mystery girl I'd be very pleased. Thankee ^_^
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Old 2006-04-11, 03:31   Link #43
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I haven't seen that volume yet, but I suspect the answer is in the post right above yours:

Originally Posted by MakubeX2
The new 16-year old Red Hair 2nd Stage Prototype

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Old 2006-04-11, 08:53   Link #44
Dyaus Pitar
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What's taking so long for ADV-Manga to release volume 4? Crikes man! I would think that the manga was over in Japan though, but they're in volume 6? Well beyond the anime? I would love a season 2 of GSG!
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Old 2006-04-11, 12:31   Link #45
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Originally Posted by Caliban
What's taking so long for ADV-Manga to release volume 4? Crikes man! I would think that the manga was over in Japan though, but they're in volume 6? Well beyond the anime? I would love a season 2 of GSG!
Because ADV Manga is currently run by An Otaku, a Communist, a Anti-Manga girl, and a photocopier (Hehe just had to take a little dig at Comic Party).

ADV is so far in the red I wouldn't be surprised that the Manga division has a staff of 1 let alone a staff of 4.
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Old 2006-04-11, 13:57   Link #46
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I have all 6 volumes of Gunslinger Girl the official Japanese mangas and the volumes 1-3 released by ADV.

Volume 6 came out last December I got it right when it came out. The girl on the cover is the new GSG her name is Petoruushuka which means Petrushka it's a Russian name. She was a ballerina who was very talented but got cancer which would have ruined her career. So the social welfare agencey took her in and wiped her memory and gave her the cybernetic implants.

Out of all the girls she is like Triela the most that she is normal no mental or social issues other than being the oldest she acts and looks like a normal teenager.

The weapon she is given is a Spectre M4, 30 rounds, 9mm submachine gun they haven't shown which pistol she will using yet. But I'm guessing she'll use some sort of Italian gun probably some sort of Beretta.

As for ADV good luck on volume 4 I got tired of waiting all the way back when volume 1 came out in Oct 2003 so I got the Japanese versions since I can read it.

To me ADV manga division is dead they barely started release FMP again after god knows when the last volume came out. But you know their is a problem when GSG volume 2 took over 1 & 1/2 years between issues. Volumes 4 and 5 have been out more than long enough to translate.

The anime covers about half way through volume 3 so they have enough for a second season but who knows if they'll animate more. They kind of left it open for season 2 but also they ended it in a way to end it for good.
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Old 2006-09-04, 13:49   Link #47
Join Date: May 2006
Anyone read Vol 7 ? Updates ?
Who are those two in the cover ?
grown up Triela ?
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Old 2006-09-05, 19:12   Link #48
Baka Gaijin :P
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I'm curious, just started with Gunslinger Girl, and finishing watching the anime at the moment, did ADV censor and/or remove certain portions of the manga? I've read that in the English release that there are misplaced text, randomly deleted artwork, and empty text bubbles. If that's true, then getting the English language version would not be worth it if an American publisher is outright censoring major portions of it.

*sigh* Stupid, conservative Americans. They ruin anime a lot. I don't know why I live here in the first place.

What's everyone's thoughts on it? I have no way of acquiring the original Japanese version to do comparisons; nor do I know Japanese well enough to read and comprehend it. But, if it's actually censored and/or has deleted content, I wouldn't be interested in getting it unless it's a one-to-one copy of the original Japanese version without censorship or major editing.
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Old 2006-10-08, 09:04   Link #49
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I am on the same page

I am also very dissapointed. I do not know Japanese to continue with the manga series and am waiting fot ADV to finish or some one else to pick up the slack. I wish they would do somthing but ADV says they have plans.
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Old 2006-10-09, 16:30   Link #50
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Woo I came across this thread again on accident but I'll help out once again.

Kertas: I just got Volume 7 yesterday I was so pissed that it came out back in
July 27,2006. I didn't even know their was a volume 7 till a few days ago when I tried the authors website and by accident found out that their was. Luckily their is a Japanese shopping center around the corner from my house and they have a book store that sells all the mangas from japan.

Anyways the 2 girls on the cover are Triela on the left with Claes on the right. They are not grown up I though that was the case as well until I read the book. The reason they look older is because in this volume they wear more adult oriented clothing and makeup to look older for the mission they are assigned.

octoberasian: ADV did not edit or censor anything. I have all 7 Japanese volumes and the 3 that ADV released and comparing 1-3 of both versions. The only difference is 3 things. One the price the Japanese volumes go for about nearlly 6 bucks but I paid around 8 at that one store. Which is fair since they have to import them from Japan. Two the quality of paper is much better on the japanese versions. And three the Japanese versions have high quality dust covers which I like other then that they're completely the same.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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Old 2007-03-19, 07:22   Link #51
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Looks like ADV Manga is continuing some of their manga-series, including Gunslinger Girl.

At least we have release dates:
Volume 4 (Jun 27 2007)

Volume 5 (Sep 5 2007)

Volume 6 (Nov 21 2007)
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Old 2007-03-19, 21:05   Link #52
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Originally Posted by Kensuke View Post
Looks like ADV Manga is continuing some of their manga-series, including Gunslinger Girl.

At least we have release dates:
Volume 4 (Jun 27 2007)

Volume 5 (Sep 5 2007)

Volume 6 (Nov 21 2007)
I think I speak for all of us when I say "WOO HOO!"

It's about time. I've been waiting for a long, loooong time.
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Old 2007-03-19, 21:51   Link #53
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Yay! Signs of life continue!
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Old 2007-03-19, 22:09   Link #54
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Super awesome-ness-osity!!! I've been patiently waiting for them to get off their rears or let go of the license. Maybe there is hope.
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Old 2007-03-20, 14:41   Link #55
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Ouch that's a long time to wait especially if you have been following the series since way back in Oct 03.

Luckily I have the Japanese volumes and the latest chapter releases to keep me going and up to date.

Well I'll by them anyways to add to my GSG collection.
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Old 2007-03-20, 17:35   Link #56
Dyaus Pitar
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Location: Toronto_Ontario
Whoa that is good news, thanks kensuke.
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Old 2007-03-23, 18:11   Link #57
Join Date: Oct 2004
Age: 38
From the lastest chapter of GSG, Chapter 45 "Crepuscolo" .

This month's focus is on Angelica, who by some chance is slowly regaining the memory from her past life. This fact puzzles the psychological and technical department. But she is send on a mission neverthless.

Meanwhile, her handler Marco is feeling quite unusual about the fact that Angelica is being very talkative for the day and resolves to talk to the technical department when they get back. When they encounter a suicide bomber.....

Angelica uses herself as a shield to guard Marco.

Marco ends up with superficial injuries. But nothing is known about Angelica as Alex did not mention her nor did Marco ask about her. Chapter ends with Petra and Alex discussion about the incident and Alex said that he, and only he alone. will not be happy if Petra did the same thing.

PS :-
Seems that Angelica will be killed off based on the chapter title (Italian for Dusk) and what happens in this chapter. (It'll tough to survive a close range suicide bomber)

Jose changes his hairstyle.

Vol.8 releasing on the 27th of March.

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Old 2007-03-23, 21:27   Link #58
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Alright I've been misssing chapters 38-42 since I found a site that posts the latest ones not too long ago.

So volume 8 is only like a week away plus the few days it takes to ship from japan
Kinokuniya here I come. Now I'll be all caugt up and be able to read the newest chapters without waiting for the volume releases.

Yeah I read chapter 45 the day it came out I hope Angelica makes it but who knows have to wait till April 21st to find out.
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Old 2007-03-26, 09:55   Link #59
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I wonder if the translated manga volumes are in sync with the raw ones? I read the translated ones up to Vol.3. Does this mean that Vol.3 translated equals to the vol 3 in RAW? I wanted to follow up but I heard that they have stopped translating.

Anyway, went down to my local comics store and saw GSG girl Vol.1 to Vol.7 there. Its in Chinese and so I was wondering if I ought to start from vol 4 where I left off. Appreciate if those reading the Jap raw could advise me.
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Old 2007-04-05, 04:21   Link #60
l'homme de lommm
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i;m new to the manga but i had enjoyed the short anime series.

sorry for the noob question (to this thread anyway) but can someone tell me what manga chapters the anime covered? (if it did cover the manga that is...)

what chapter of the manga would post anime story begin? i ask because that's where i'd like to start reading it...
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