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Old 2006-04-15, 15:24   Link #1
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Burning MKV Files onto a DVD

I have been using NeroVision Express in order to burn all of my .AVI files with 100% success each time. But with all of these series that have .MKV files, I need to know how I can go about burning them. Will I have to convert the MKV into an AVI first?
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Old 2006-04-20, 18:25   Link #2
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I don't believe Nero Vision Express supports .mkv yet. If you're going to create a conversion to .avi you can use the various guides such as this guide. However I've found the mkv to avi to result in poor quality, and is sometimes rather complicated in certain mkv files (and if it's soft subbed)

An alternative is to just scrap Nero Vision Express and go directly from .mkv to DVD, this will result in higher quality, and bypass the need for the avi file. You could try this software [ConvertXtoDVD] or consult this guide.

edit: SomeWhiteGuy: I believe Chirmaya wants to encode the files for playback on a conventional DVD player (I don't think they're going to create MKV-able DVD players anytime soon. So far they've only created ones for the Divx codec)

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I'd just burn them to DVD as regular data files. A friend of mind has a DVD player that can read data DVDs and search though the directory structure and play target .avi files. It's only a matter of time till they make DVD players that will run .mkv

In the mean time? Just connect your computer up to your TV.
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Old 2006-04-21, 19:16   Link #4
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You may try this Guide here :

Be aware it will fail for 5.1 AAC audio tracks inside the MKV, as DVD Santa doesnt seem to be able to handle those.

matroska project admin
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